Landy Parraga Video Completo – The Pageant Winner with 150,000 Followers on Social Media Shot in a Restaurant

Latest News Landy Parraga Video Completo

Landy Parraga Video Completo doing rounds on social media has highlighted a case of organized crime wherein the pageant winner was shot in a restaurant.

Landy Parraga has garnered the limelight Worldwide. The former beauty pageant winner is currently in the news on social media platforms. Netizens share Landy Parraga Video Completo with various questions running through their minds.

The 23-year-old beauty winner who hails from Ecuador was attacked by a firearm and killed on the spot. The news has left shock among the netizens. The crime, whose footage users share on various social media channels, has raised concerns among the netizens.

Thus, we conducted deep research to understand the event’s core. The paragraphs below present an overall overview of the occurrence and shed light on Landy Parraga’s identity.

Landy Parraga Video Completo – Why is the Beauty Pageant Winner in the News?

The event that took place on Sunday, 27 April 2024, has left netizens in shock. It occurred in complete public view, and all netizens across South America are curious to know the reality behind the occurrence.

About Landy Parraga Video Completo

According to reports, the event occurred on Sunday. Landy Parraga is a famous influencer with many followers on social media platforms. She lost her life to killing the video, which is doing rounds and shared by users.

We unearthed more details related to Landy Parraga Goyburo, elaborated in the paragraphs. Read more to get to the core of the event.

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Landy Parraga Asesinada – What Happened with the Influencer?

Research and investigation showed that the influencer was strolling in Los Rios. When the event occurred, she was seen seated in a restaurant located in Quevedo. Here, she was in the location to attend a specific social event.

Landy Parraga Asesinada Video showcases the assailant entering the restaurant. Later, the unidentified man is seen shooting Parraga continuously.

Is Landy Parraga Miss Ecuador Killing Planned?

Is Landy Parraga Miss Ecuador Killing Planned

The video clearly shows the man repeatedly. The police have already begun investigating and trying to find all the information related to the crime. The data gathered points against organized crime.

Herein, the entire event points against organized crimes taking place in Parraga. The only information related to organized crime is of Leandro El Patron Norero, who was killed inside the prison. The event happened in 2022.

Furthermore, telephonic chats were collected between the money launderer and the drug trafficker. The chats and data have also uncovered more details of alleged corruption involving higher authorities.

Landy Parraga Miss Ecuador’s killing is considered to be connected with organized crime. Parraga has won various titles, including Miss Mesoamerica Ecuador in 2022 and Miss Tourism of Quevedo in 2019. She belonged to Venus del Rio Quevedo, a small rural town.

Research shows Paragga had notable followers on channels like Instagram, around 150,000 followers. Per her description, she was an executive director and social communicator of a popular importing agency. The firm was involved in selling toys, household items, and more.

Final Conclusion

The chats recovered have unearthed over fifty defendants. Numerous conversations have also been collected from the phone. This has also revealed the name of the former Miss Ecuador, Parraga. However, no criminal record has been gathered against Parraga.

Based on the investigations which were collected by 2023, over 39 people. The prominent names include Wilman Teran, the Judiciary Council president. As per reports, he is currently kept in provisional prison.

The local authorities and police are closely investigating the entire event. We have yet to get complete information and updates on it. We will update further data as we receive any input from official authorities.

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