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This post will update our readers about the trending LT Fight Video and the public’s response to it.

Have you seen the drifting video of LT? It showed a vast fight that took someone’s life, and the video’s effect created a feeling of terror in people’s minds Worldwide.

This video was spread on every social media platform, and almost everyone has witnessed the video. Read this post to know more about LT Fight Video.

What Happened In The Video?

Laurie Michael Tagola, who is also known as LT, was the victim in this video. As perceived in the video, he was murdered by Seyram Kwami. Laurie Michael was brutally stabbed by him in front of the whole crowd at Brunswick mall. Laurie Michael was only 24 years when he was killed. He was impaled on his neck, while Seyram Kwami was 20 years old. People got so frightened as this incident occurred in front of their eyes and were terrified to see the open murder in the mall.

People were perplexed by his defense strategy, thinking he was a boxer and searched LT Video Boxer. This incident caused massive concern in the mindsets of people that this could happen to them; also, they were stunned by the act. According to the examination, it all started with a discussion or quarrel between the two, and later it led to a life-taking fight. People are still investigating Seyram Kwami and also about Laurie Michael Tagola and about, his career, and who he was. After the investigation took place, he was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late then. And soon after he was killed, the killer instantly left the area.

LT Video Boxer

After witnessing the video, we could see Laurie Michael the style or steps he took while protecting himself from him and the way he swung and represented himself, which raised the question of whether he was a boxer or was associated with any of the sports. Still, after investing Laurie Michael Tagola thoroughly, The Police got it confirmed that Laurie was not connected with any of the marks or boxing. One of LT’s friends gave a statement that he lost his best friend, who was such a friendly, loving, and helpful person. His near and dear ones were in deep grief and sorrow about Laurie’s death.

How Did The Public Respond After Watching LT Fight Video?

People were highly terrified by looking at the video, and the crowd who actually saw the incident taking place in front of their eyes were speechless. This video has filled people’s hearts with terror and extreme fear. People demand justice, and strict action should be taken though the cops have arrested Seyram Kwami and are now under custody at Brisbane Police. Social Media is flooded with people’s concerns and the need for justice regarding the murder.


To conclude this essay, we have supplied our reader with the information regarding the LT Fight Video and the steps taken by the police about it. Check this link to watch the video

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