Madeline Soto Cause Of Death And Age: Autopsy Results & Crime Scene Photo

Latest News Madeline Soto Cause Of Death And Age

The article details Madeline Soto Cause of Death and Age, Autopsy Results, and Crime Scene Photo, and also explains why it is trending on Reddit.

Have you heard of the murder story of the 13-year-old teen girl named Madeline Soto? The death of Madeline and the tortures she underwent with her mother’s partner shocked the entire United States region.

Her death updates and Madeline Soto Cause of Death and Age related searches are trending on the internet because each week police officials are releasing more updates related to the death of Madeline. 

So here in this article, we are going to explain her death and the entire timeline of this murder story in a detailed manner. In addition to that update regarding the arrest of the prime suspect, Stern.

Madeline Soto Cause of Death and Age

Madeline Soto was a cheerful 13-year-old girl living with her mother, Jennifer Soto, and her partner, Stephan Sterns. Usually, Stern drops Madeline off near Hunters Creek Middle School. But on February 26, 2024, Madeline didn’t return to her home. So, her mother complained to the police, and there was a severe investigation. 

Madeline Soto Cause of Death and Age
Madeline Soto Cause of Death and Age

Finally, her dead body was found at Hickory Tree Road in Osceola County. And the irony is that Madeline celebrated her 13th birthday a few days ago, as she was born on February 22, 2011.

Even now, the police officials haven’t released the exact cause of Madeline’s death, and they leaked a little information that Madeline was assaulted by Sterns when she was an 11-year-old girl. So, the police officials found Sterns as the prime suspect in Madeline’s death and arrested him.

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Madeline Soto Autopsy Results

The autopsy results for Madeline have not been released to the public. Hence, the exact way in which Madeline died is not known. The police officials suspect that Sterns might have killed Madeline because of the precise date of her disappearance. Stern seemed to be dumping Madeline’s school bag in a garbage bin.

So, his actions fueled the police suspect; hence, the police officials arrested him and released the affidavit of the arrest to the public because they wanted the public to know about the crime committed by Stern.

There are chances that the autopsy reports might have shown that Madeline was assaulted for more than two years because the autopsy experts can easily locate the marks on the body.

Madeline Soto Autopsy Results
Madeline Soto Autopsy Results

Madeline Soto Reddit

In Reddit, a group is formed under the Madeline Soto name, and nearly 2000 members are present. The members used to post updates regarding the death of Madeline, and many people used to share their viewpoints about this murder story.

But we couldn’t find any autopsy results or the exact reason behind the death of Madeline. But this Reddit group shed more limelight on the murder story, so many people came to know about the truth and the real face of Stephan Stern.

And many people wanted to know why Madeline was killed and who killed that innocent 13-year-old child.

Madeline’s Crime Scene Photo

There are no crime photos that the police officials have released, but while investigating Stephan Sterns, the police confiscated his mobile and searched his phone data completely. At that time, police officials saw many shocking photos because Stern photographed Madeline in a very inappropriate manner and possessed many child-grownup content videos.

His phone data only helped the police officials learn about his monstrous behavior of Stern. Stern had been assaulting Madeline for more than two years. But surprisingly, her mother, Jennifer, didn’t know about this.

Stern’s obscene photos helped the police officials get ahead with this case. There is a chance that Stern might kill Madeline Soto. Still, the police officials are sincerely investigating this issue to find the culprit. And we have to wait until then.

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