Methods of Managing a Crypto Portfolio and Calculating Profit and Loss

Methods of Managing a Crypto Portfolio and Calculating Profit and Loss

There are many pros and cons associated with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that need to be calculated so that you can manage your portfolio in a better way. Below are some of the methods for performing analysis for crypto trades in this blog. If you are a trader or investor, and you keep track of the digital currencies you already buy, then this is a good habit for you. And,  if you are new to Crypto trading and investments, then you must check the bitcoin trading platform, Bitcoin System platform.

The portfolio managers them very optimally by removing bad assets, you may be able to change your investment strategies or trading if you want to optimize the performance of your overall portfolio significantly. You need to keep an eye on your portfolio as well as it has its pros and cons which can be easy to calculate for which some great ways are given below. Don’t have your crypto portfolio? By trading volume, it is a digital asset exchange that includes Coinbase and Binance. 

There is a wide range of products that we offer that will help you kickstart the crypto journey. If you have complete knowledge of profit and loss calculation, then understand that you are moving towards becoming a successful trader or investor.

Crypto trading profit and loss calculation

The initial investment may seem a bit complicated, if you have earned money in it then there is your profit and if you just lost your money then it is a loss. There are many ways to calculate profit and loss and you will have to choose the simple math method. For this, we have told about three easy ways below:

Open and closed position

You can view and track open and closed positions. When the market is entered for open position trade, at that time you can trade in the opposite direction to you which is a closed position. For example, if you bought 0.5 bitcoin, you would have an open position then. If you sell that 0.5 bitcoin, it will become a closed position for you at that point. At the time of open position, it will be classified in different ways including long-term, short-term, value and speculative positions. Here you will find several positions arranged in different categories, you can track them based on each category instead of your open positions so that you can fully able to get a clear overview.

Profit and Loss Year-to-Date (YTD)

The YTD is compared to the beginning balance (YTD) of the year-end of the calendar year. This is a special type of calculation with a methodology for a longer period which will be quite suitable for crypto investors known as HODL.


TTT (Transaction-to-transaction) This is a process that has become a very suitable method for active crypto users. To calculate profit and loss on the same basis when transaction to transaction is made, two functions have to be completed.

  • Calculating the value and value of trading costs in the local currency.
  • Determination of both profit or loss, for which the difference between the cost price and the trade-off is to be compared.

Closing thought 

It is considered very significant to keep track of this while trading performance, in this way you can become a successful trader. The first thing you need to consider to grow a portfolio is the calculation methods. These methods are considered to be flexible enough to suit trading, financial goals and investment style. If any of you are a day trader, then the transaction-to-transaction method will be suitable for all of them, while for the long-term trader, the YTD is a better approach. 

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