5 Reasons Why a Native English Tutor is So Important to Help Develop your English skills

Top 5 Reasons Why a Native English Tutor

Learning English can be difficult for most people and here, the role of the tutor is very significant. Today the process of learning English has developed in such a way but the role of tutors, especially those who are native English speakers is difficult to replace. There are reasons why the role of native English tutors is difficult to replace, one of which is that they can give their students “special reflexes” without realizing it. That is why English tutors and Spanish tutors are usually preferred for those who are native speakers. Therefore, language tutorial services such as AmazingTalker are recommended because they provide a wide variety of tutors who are also native speakers.

Here are 5 reasons why a native English tutor is indispensable for developing English language skills:

Reinforced cultural background

A native English speaker can share experiences in their home country (countries where English is the primary language, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada). In this way, students will be “carried away” to immerse themselves in the experience and a love for the culture of native English-speaking countries often brings a love of English. One of the keys to learning a language, any language, is a love for the culture associated with that language.


A native English tutor has spontaneity in the pronunciation of English words/sentences. Thus he can “transmit” spontaneity to his students. Spontaneity is the reason why studying English in Japan for several years is less effective than studying English in the United States.


Native English tutors usually have a “connection” to their home country. They may be able to get some of the top students to work while studying in their country. This way the students can feel how they should speak English all the time. The compulsion to communicate in English will in turn accelerate mastery of the language. In many cases, the presence of native English tutors can narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, in terms of access to learning English “where it comes from.”


Perhaps one of the most difficult characteristics for tutors who don’t come from native English-speaking countries is creativity. Creativity here are ideas to enable the English learning process to take place in two directions. Native English tutors can come up with any creative ideas they have because they are native speakers. They can understand the parts that need to be added to speed up learning English. They may be more innovative in using social media technology to teach English materials better.

Continuous professionalism

Native English tutors can direct their students to learn English properly and avoid unnecessary mistakes. There are many mistakes caused by someone’s lack of knowledge of English. It’s not just about grammar but the use of words in certain contexts. These kinds of errors will not be encountered in the teaching of native English tutors.

It can be concluded that using the services of a native English tutor can help everyone develop their English skills significantly.

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