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The article will educate you about the recent profile picture application and its features and also discuss whether the matter is New Profile Pic Scam or not. 

Do you know about the new sensational mobile application “Newprofilepic?” Many people are starting to use the application daily. The image application is already getting attention from millions of users in the United States and the United Kingdom.  

But besides this, many people have doubts about the application also. The users are unsure about the new application and ask if New Profile Pic Scam or not? In this article, we are going to on this matter.

now the Primary Elements of New Profile Pic

We have validated some valuable information about the mobile application. Hope it helps us to understand the New Profile Pic application. 

Domain Date: The domain initiation date is 14 December 2020. 

Expiry Date of the Domain– The domain’s expiry date is- 14 December 2022. The domain will be expired within seven months. 

Domain Name– 

Location of the Server– Virginia, USA

Traffic Country- England

Alexa Rank– the Alexa rank of the site is- 455371 

IP Address of the Site– 

Web Host Name– AS14618, Inc 

What Do You Know about New

If you want your profile picture differently, you can use the site. The website will transform your profile picture into the state of mind mode. 

It also gives you various editing options with fantastic effects. It will give your profile picture a more modern look. 

  1. You can open this site by typing its web address on the address bar. 
  2. After opening the website, you need to click the enter key of the site. 
  3. Now the users can use the website easily. 
  4. Need to check the menu bar and the website section. 

Find the AnswerNew Profile Pic Scam

Now check out the other valuable information and data about the website. 

Trust Index Score: The trust index score of the site is 100 out of 100. 

Malware Score: It is just 4 per cent out of 100. 

Threat Score- Just 8 per cent out of 100. 

Spam Score– Only 2 per cent out of 100.

Phishing Score: The phishing score is 8 per cent out of 100. 

The Website Popularity Score– Is 413142. The score denotes the medium level. 

HTTPS Protocols: Valid HTTPS protocols are found on the site. 

Backlist Status: We don’t find any backlist status. 

These are all the validated data about- New Profile Pic App

Why the Application News is Trending? 

The website is associated with the famous industry. The application has had millions of users in recent times. The website is also trending, and many people are searching the website and application on the popular search engine. 


We have checked all the essential data about the website. All the data we have reviewed from trusted and important internet sources. But unfortunately, the website lacks some vital information. The lacking information is- contact number and email id. The website is not active on social media platforms also. 

Although the website is trendy, still the doubt is there about New Profile Pic ScamSo, our suggestion is to check all the data and then decide to use it. You can also check the link for the mobile application.

Have you used the application? Share your experiences.

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