Outstaff: Trend or Necessity?

Latest News Outstaff Trend or Necessity

In the last year, everything has changed dramatically, not only for us, but also for our clients – outstaff has become one of the most sought-after services on our site. The point of contacting us is to reduce costs.

  • your HR does not waste time searching for the necessary employees;
  • your personnel officer does not deal with unnecessary documents: reporting, registration, contracts;
  • your tech lead is not distracted by daily interviews, and tasks do not add up to the backlog, but are completed today;
  • You don’t need to pay vacations, sick leave for a full-time employee, you don’t need to provide him with equipment and a workplace, fork out for cookies and coffee. Development goes on without interruption and only when there are real tasks for a specific stack;
  • if you need to quickly attract resources for one-time work – for example, admins or testers before rolling out the next major release, you get them without paying “downtime” when there is no need for these specialists.

With a good combination of circumstances, hr will close the vacancy within a month. And so it is with every specialist. The salary of a technical lead, personnel officers and your personal time as a leader (someone must approve all interviews) will not even be announced. Include force majeure in this example when your job seeker “off the hook” and you need to look for a new one, or hunting will drag on for several months, which also often happens.

This is not counting the fact that while you are doing all this – non-core work, your business and product are not developing, technical debt is accumulating and with each new month this can result in millions of lost profits.

To avoid these disadvantages and help customers save money, we are gradually implementing our best practices, which we will discuss below. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at what is special about working with personnel in this area and how the studio managed to enter the market at the right time.


Let’s take one of the online education companies that contacted us over the summer as an example. The task of developing a convenient application was with a tough deadline: the pandemic hit the staff hard, part of the staff was already on the job and there were still not enough developers. The customer urgently needed to diversify the business and pull out a new product, he did not have time for full-fledged hunting. The development of such highly loaded applications takes more than one month, and the problem is not at all in the number of approvals among managers but in valuable personnel.

It is in such cases that an interesting situation arises: when hr goes to scatter nets to catch a couple of qualified middles in them, at least one senior and a dozen juniors of varying degrees of readiness for battle, but they simply do not exist. Remember, there is a pandemic in the yard and everyone has been hunted down for a long time, or they are offering an offer right now to close their projects. Where to get the missing staff, who will come and defeat everyone?

Here we came to the aid of the customer – we provided our staff with the required stack, resolved issues with the deadline, and rolled out the release of the application. The company did not have a headache with the selection, documentation – zero hr-nightmares, and full profit. An important nuance: since the staff is ours, we were responsible for managing the entire team.


Firstly, after closing the project, you do not have any questions about what to do with the “extra” employee for whom there are no more tasks. Secondly, we train our staff on how to effectively interact with different teams within the framework of all popular project management methodologies, which means that they do not need time to “accelerate”. No one is idle, everyone is busy with work and is not distracted by organizational issues.

And then, to master the art of managing people is half the battle, first these people need to be hired. Try now to interview two front-end developers (from React to Django), one UI-designer, and a person with a brilliant resume on the mobile dev stack – it will be difficult to strike a balance between their skills and salary, sifting through the market searching for good staff. By the way, what will you do when your project no longer requires an active development team? We cover your needs in React, Java, Vue, Angular, Node, layout and design, mobile dev, and back-end. The size of the team can be anything: from one specialist to several dozens. We also have experience in gathering entire ready-made teams for a project.


There are more and more offers, how do we differ from others? The whole process is “turnkey”, including the internal kitchen. The point is that the success of this service is based not only on the cool skills of the staff, which we are proud of. The studio has especially thought out a roadmap for the ”introduction” of our employees into your team – coaches are working on issues of quick adaptation and the ability to work within the team on a variety of tasks.

Managers take responsibility for personnel management while your project is being worked on, which means they are responsible for the final result. The point of the service is not to transfer the troops of experienced programmers or designers from one location to another, but to ensure that everyone gets the maximum output:

  • Customer – a quality product.
  • Studios — a successful case.
  • Specialists – great experience.

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