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This article on Overtime Megan Reddit Video was written to give you brief information about Megan.

Who is Megan? Have you heard about her before? Are you willing to find out more information about her? Why is she suddenly getting famous on the internet? The people from the United States and Canada are looking for more information about her. Are you one of them? If yes, you have ended up at the right place. The details about Megan will be mentioned in this article itself.  So to know more about Overtime Megan Reddit Video in detail kindly read this article till the very end. 

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Who is Overtime Megan? 

Megan is an internet personality. She is very famous on the Internet. Megan is a famous Tiktok star who is famous for her videos and sports. She is known as Overtime Megan because she worked at a company which was known as Overtime.  This is not the first time of her being in the highlights. She has been viral on the internet many times for various reasons which has sometimes led to her downfall. Megan is known for her Tiktok videos all around the world. Let us find out more about her in detail below. 

Overtime Megan Boyfriend NHL 

Since she is pretty famous on the internet. Her fans are always eager to find out information about what is going on in her life. Who is her boyfriend? As per sources, Megan’s boyfriend’s name is Cole Schwindt. He is 22 years of age and is a Canadian professional hockey player. Megan is not only famous as a social media influencer but she is also a huge sports enthusiast and loves to watch NHL, NBA, and other sports. Her boyfriend plays as a center and is currently playing for AHL which is an affiliate of the Calgary Flames of the NHL.  

Who is her boyfriend? Is Cole her real boyfriend? 

Megan has often been a part of rumors on the internet. Many rumors about her are spread through Twitter and other social media apps most of the time, so it is hard to find out the truth about what goes on in her life. Some days back she became a part of a huge controversy when her phone was hacked and many private pictures of her with Cole went viral on the internet. She had to face a lot of issues due to this incident in her life, all of this happened due to her phone getting hacked.  

About Megan’s Boyfriend 

As we discussed above, Megan is dating Cole Schwindt. He is 22 years of Age and is a young hockey player. Cole is not just a random hockey player but he is a professional hockey player. He started his career with the Mississauga Steelheads of the OHL in the year 2017-2018. He began his career at a very young age. Cole spent about three seasons over here. He was the 81st overall pick for Florida Panthers in the 2019 NHL draft. Later after three years, he got a chance to debut in a Florida Panthers. 

Overtime Megan’s Biography and Career 

Megan is very popular for her videos. She began her career when she was young. Megan has always been very passionate about her hobbies which are dancing and acting. After Overtime Megan Reddit Video got leaked she had to face a hard time. She started her career in 2019 and now has about 2 million followers on Tiktok which is huge. She has shared a lot of videos of herself on the internet which include dances, humor, challenges, storytimes, etc. She has got many likes and comments on her videos and posts which shows her popularity.  

Overtime Megan Reddit Video Wiki 

Megan was born in the year 1999 on October 17th. She is known for her beauty and talent. She has a very charismatic kind of personality which makes her different from others. Megan is one of the leading personalities of Tiktok. Megan was born and brought up in the United States. She has 2.3 million followers on Tiktok, besides Tiktok, she is also gaining a lot of attention from her fans on Instagram from different countries who do not have access to Tiktok. Megan is Libra and is an American by birth. 

About Overtime Megan Reddit Video       

Megan has been a part of many controversies due to various reasons. Her viral videos have always been one of them. She has caused an internet frenzy with her full video leaked on the internet. She has again been in the spotlight after her scandal was leaked on social media platforms. She accused that her account had been hacked due to which many of her private pictures and videos went viral on various social sites. The investigation into this culprit was on, but the police have not yet found the person who committed this horrible act. 

More information about Megan and her viral Photos 

Megan’s photos have been viral for a pretty long time. Her Twitter account has about 542 thousand followers and her account is verified. Most of her social media accounts are verified. She shares her pictures and videos about her current life happenings and more.  As per sources, after her private videos were leaked with her boyfriend, her fans posted a lot of hateful comments about her which were not very satisfying and thus she faced many difficulties due to the leak. 


As we have read above about Megan, we found that her boyfriend is a part of the NFL. Also, Megan is not only interested in sports, but she is also interested in sportsmanship as her Boyfriend is a professional hockey player. To know more about Megan, kindly click on this link

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Overtime Megan Reddit Video FAQs 

Q1. Who is Megan? 

Megan is a very famous interest personality. 

Q2. Is her boyfriend a professional hockey player? 


Q3. What is her boyfriend’s name? 

Her boyfriend’s name is Cole Schwindht. 

Q4. How old is her boyfriend? 

Her boyfriend is 22 years old. 

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