You Should Consider While Choosing a Paying Guest Accommodation

You Should Consider While Choosing a Paying Guest Accommodation

A paying guest accommodation is an establishment, where travelers or tourists are accommodated in private houses and apartments instead of hotels. The host charges a certain amount for the room which includes other facilities like food, transportation and sometimes laundry services too. The guests pay according to how long they stay with the host. In addition to that, the host of pg in omr Chennai may ask for a contribution towards the daily expenses such as food, electricity etc. The guest has no obligation to pay for anything beyond what he/she chooses to spend. 

It is also common for hosts to have separate areas for the paying guests, where they can keep their luggage and personal items that they won’t need during their stay. 

You Should Consider While Choosing a Paying Guest Accommodation

The concept of a paying guest accommodation has its own history. In old times, there was no concept of luxury hotels and people stayed not only in private residences but also in motels and other places which were affordable and economical by all means.

1) Location: One of the most important factors when choosing pg near omr accommodation is its proximity to what you want to see and do while away from home. How far away is it from tourist sites and major public transport? If you are planning to use public transportation, do not choose an accommodation that is too far away from bus stops, train stations or airports. The last thing you want is to have to walk a long distance in the morning just to catch a train or in the night just to catch a cab. 

2) Availability: Do not settle for the first decent place you see or only because it looks nice online, literally go around and ask the locals what their fav places are like hostels and hotels that offer good rates. Take your time.

3) Amenities: The amenities provided by the accommodation should be at par with the price you pay for it. Clean sheets, a nice bathroom and breakfasts can make all the difference. 

4) Services: If you are travelling for business then you will need professional and courteous staff to make your stay easy and comfortable. You should also be able to connect to high-speed internet in your room and also have access to a photocopier if needed.

5) Safety: . Make sure the neighbourhood you will be staying in is not too far from the tourist areas or crowded with people you do not want to be around the whole time. You should also have a safe place to keep your valuables and on top of that, do not travel with valuables in the first place. When choosing your accommodation, make sure it does not have a history of break-ins or thefts. If you do need to carry valuables with you, then ask the owner if they offer a safe at no extra charge.

6) Free Wi-Fi: You should be able to get free Wi-fi access at your accommodation so that you can connect to the internet and get online easily. This allows you to plan things, send emails and also read up on what has been happening back home while away.

7) Breakfast: It is nice to have a selection of breakfast items available for the morning so that you can be out early to explore and get the day started. This is especially true if you plan to leave your accommodation very early in the morning.

8) Level of service: the level of service and professionalism provided by the host should be at par with the high-quality facilities. Guests should not be subjected to an unacceptable level of service from host. , They should know of your preferences and requirements as soon as you enter the room . 

9) Customer satisfaction: This is the most important factor of all when choosing an accommodation for yourself or for your company. You should never settle for bad service or terrible accommodations because the last thing you will want to do is stay there again or recommend it to others.

10) Cleanliness: There is nothing more important than cleanliness when choosing an accommodation for yourself or for your company. A tidy and clean room with welcoming beddings creates a comfortable stay for the guest.Remember that cleanliness is next to Godliness.


A guest accommodation is a property for short-term visitors. These can be high-end hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, or even backpacking hostels. In most cases, guests are not entitled to free use of the accommodation and must pay for their stay either through credit card, cash or other means of payment.Guest accommodations are usually cheaper than similarly branded hotels and can allow travelers to avoid some of the hassles they would find in a typical traveler’s hotel such as long check in lines or having to book all rooms at once (although this isn’t always possible).

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