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This news article deals with the Pidge Wordle and the associated confusion regarding this word.

Are you aware that the Wordle game is becoming popular worldwide? Are you one among those who love to play the Wordle game and learn new words daily? If you are one of those players, you would love this article as it will provide an answer to the Wordle puzzle. 

People in Australia are waiting to know the meaning of the Pidge word as it is in trend among the people. Many people are searching the word Pidge concerning the Wordle game. If you also doubt that there is an issue with this word, we are providing a complete analysis for Pidge Wordle in this article.

What is the Pidge word in the Wordle Game? 

The Wordle users were astonished to find the Midge word in the Wordle puzzle, which people confused with Pidge. The actual word for the day is Midge, which is confused with Pidge. If we take a close look at the Pidge word, it is not generally used in normal English; it is used for those who have an affinity towards pigeons.

But there is no such word as Pidge, and the actual word for the Wordle game is Midge which people are getting confused with Pidge. We hope you are clear with the idea of what is the real world and what is the Pidge Definition

The hint for the day through which people reached the word, Midge is that the word begins with M. The word refers to a two-winged insect easily found in swampy areas. The hint also states that the word does not contain any duplicate words, and the ending word is D. There are two vowels in the word, and one of the vowels is I. 

It also stated that the word has a G in it and thus makes it very clear to understand that the real word is Midge. So, we hope you have also got an idea regarding which is the actual word. 

Is Pidge a Word

As per our discussion, Pidge is generally a word used to refer to a person with a great affinity towards pigeons. But we do not generally use it in daily English. There is only some representation of this word. So, we cannot clarify whether Pidge is a word or not. 

As the actual word of the day was Midge, we have some references toward Pidge. People in Australia are getting confused with Pidge rather than Midge. So, we hope you have now got a clear idea about what is the real word. 

How to play the Pidge Wordle game? 

The Wordle game has huge popularity among people. Some simple steps to understanding and learning how to play the Wordle game are to start with some vowel words and focus on the hints and the last words. 

As there are limited attempts to play the game, you must play it wisely. In addition to this, you can find more details via this link. 

Final Verdict: 

The Wordle game has another craze among the people. Recently there was confusion regarding Midge and Pidge’s words. The actual word of the day is Midge and not Pidge, so we hope you are now clear with the Pidge Wordle game. 

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