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Pnb Girlfriend Steph Instagram will inform you about the brutal murder of famous Rapper Pnb Rock. Kindly read this post to know.

Have you heard about Pnb Rock? He was killed in a restaurant. Many fans are upset after listening to the news of his death. In the United States and Canada, people are waiting for the culprit to get arrested. How Pnb Girlfriend Steph Instagram post played a role in this murder? Why are the netizens blaming it for being the reason for his death? We will discuss everything here. So, kindly read this post.

Instagram Post Of Steph

Stephanie had shared an Instagram post with her beau while they were having a meal. She also tagged the location, and soon after that, some people came and looted the famous rapper and shot him. People are saddened by his death. The cops are doing the investigation of this murder and trying to know who is behind it. We hope that the culprits will be caught soon.

Stephanie Sibounheuang Instagram Page

Stephanie and Allen had an afternoon meal at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles Restaurant, and she shared a picture with her love. Soon after, Allen was shot. Later, everyone backlashes the lady on her Instagram and blames her, but no one has the right to blame her without any proof. She was compelled to delete her Instagram handle. The incident took place on Monday. The police team is trying their best to search out the culprit. As per the reports, the couple faced some problems in their relationship, but we believe all their problems might be solved, and they looked happy together.

Pnb GF Instagram is deleted, but there are other fan pages on which we can see the posts and stories. Some screenshots were also shared on these accounts where people texted her some hateful comments.

What did the cops say?

In this incident, the chief of Police, Michel Moore, said that the couple was enjoying the meal, and when his girlfriend uploaded a picture, the attacker detected the location and reached the place. The assailant reached the chicken joint and demanded valuable things from Allen. Then, he shot him and left the place. Police said that the culprits are not identified yet. But, they will be arrested soon.

Note: Pnb Rock GF IG post has been blamed, but people should not blame someone like this as it could hurt their sentiments. We must let the cops do their work and wait for the final judgment. We do not support such activities.


Summing up this post, our team has informed you of this incident. Allen was announced dead on Monday evening. It was a brutal incident, but nobody could control destiny. Also, we have shared details on Stephanie’s Instagram Handle. Police is investigating the matter thoroughly. We hope that the culprits will be arrested soon.

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