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This post, Sdn Bhd UC Travel’s scam, will provide you with complete information about the scam on 400 hajj pilgrims.

Who committed a scam on 400 Hajj pilgrims? How did the people of Malaysia react to this scam? People are stunned to know about the scam on 400 Hajj pilgrims. Sdn Bhd UC Travel agency had committed this fraud. Please continue reading this post on Sdn Bhd UC Travel; if you want to know the complete information about the scam and many more latest updates, please persist in reading.

Details About Sdn Bhd UC Travel

  • Sdn Bhd UC Travel is an Air travel agency. Which was registered on 5th August 1995 in Selangor, Malaysia.
  • Sdn Bhd UC Air Travel agency has been recently in the news Because as per some rumours they have committed fraud with 400 Hajj pilgrims.

But how do they commit this fraud? To know more about the implementation of the Sdn Bhd UC Travel Scam, Please persist in reading this post.

 UC Travel Sdn Bhd Scam

  • It is believed that UC travel published a fake pamphlet claiming they will provide the service to the travellers to visit the holy place “Hajj”. Pilgrims must deposit RM3,000 SAHAJA for Hajj and Deposit RM5,000 SAHAJA for Umrah.
  • Approximately 400 people had deposited their respective amounts to visit this holy place.
  • On 7th July, when all the pilgrims had assembled at the Airport with their families to leave for the holy Hajj, they knew they had become victims of this fraud committed by UC travels Sdn Bhd.
  • There is no perfect figure for this scam, but people assume it is in the millions (in Malaysian Ringgit).

 Sdn Bhd UC Travel‘s scam and how people are reacting?

  • Every Muslim’s dream is to visit Hajj atleast once in a lifetime. Muslims are very emotionally attached to this holy place. 
  • These 400 people were very eager to visit this holy place, but when they came to know that they had been scammed, they were angry and sad. People were crying in the Airport because they had lost their hard-earned money. After all, scam by UC travels.
  • There were many old aged people, and they were shocked, which can affect their health.
  • People worldwide share their views on Sdn Bhd UC Travel‘s Scam through social media.
  • People are still waiting at the Airport with their families and heavy luggage. Still, there has been no news or any information till now.
  • There is a Facebook page of UC travel where people comment about their scam.
  • UC travel had not only committed fraud in the name of religion, but it had played with the sentiment of all the pilgrims. 

These scam-related details are all based on online research, and we have no involvement in it.


All travellers and pilgrims must be cautious and alert to save themselves from becoming victims of such fraud. We have informed our readers about the  Sdn Bhd UC Travels Scam and other additional information. If you want to know more about the Holy place of Hajj, then visit this link

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