Social Media Services Offered by a Marketing Agency in Dubai

Social Media Services Offered by a Marketing Agency in Dubai

Statistics show that almost 98% of the people in Dubai are active on social media. Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms in Dubai and the UAE. If you have a business in Dubai, you must target this vast segment of the population through efficient social media marketing techniques. 

But to reach out to customers effectively, consider hiring a social media marketing company dubai that offers various services and ensures that you reach out to the maximum number of people on social media. They can enhance your online presence by organizing multiple media campaigns.

In this article, you will find out about their different services. 

Manage social media accounts

It manages social media accounts on different platforms like Facebook and Twitter. At almost 87%, Youtube is the most popular social media platform in Dubai, followed by Facebook at 81%. 

Social media managers are responsible for creating content for their platform and posting it at the right time to get maximum engagement. They also need to monitor posts daily to answer questions or respond to user comments.

Content creation

Content creation is a long-term process, not something that can be done in a day. Content creation requires research and analysis, creativity, time, and resources, which a marketing agency can help you with.

For example, when professionals create your Instagram profile or Facebook page for you, they need to find out what kind of audience you want to target and ensure that the profile picture is relevant to them. They also research what posts are popular among your followers so they can regularly post similar content on your behalf.

Targeted advertising

Paid/targeted advertising on social media platforms effectively gets your message out and boosts your brand awareness. The different types of paid advertising available vary depending on your chosen channel, but they usually include display and video ads.

Many social media platforms offer advertising options. Some famous examples are Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising, and Instagram marketing. These three platforms offer similar services that businesses of any size or budget can use. 

However, since their pricing structures differ significantly, you must compare rates before deciding which platform will work best for your business needs!

Social media advertising is popular in Dubai and UAE and has a total value of almost 358 million USD in 2022, with experts predicting it to grow to 664 million USD by 2027.

Social media management

A social media marketing company in Dubai offers various services that can help manage all your social media accounts. It includes creating content for your social media and posting it on the platforms, responding to comments and messages on the platforms, and reporting on the activity of the various accounts. 

The social media management team works with each client to establish goals and objectives for their online presence and then design an appropriate strategy based on them.

Things to check before hiring an agency

  • Look at the services they offer.
  • Look at their experience.
  • Check out their portfolio.
  • Read reviews and testimonials from previous clients.

These are some services offered by reputable social media marketing companies. They will help you get more leads, boost your online presence, attract potential customers, and increase sales through your website.

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