Why Summer Is The Best Time To Sort Your Heating System

Why Summer Is The Best Time To Sort Your Heating System

Sort Your Heating System: With the sunshine beating down, you might not spend much of your time thinking about your central heating. But it won’t be long under the warm weather goes away, and you come to rely on your heating again. Getting prepared for winter is something that we should all be taking seriously. 

Why do you need to service your boiler?

So, what exactly does servicing a boiler accomplish? There are a few things to consider.

Firstly, your boiler’s warranty might stipulate that you give your boiler an annual servicing. Consequently, if you fail to service, and the boiler needs to be replaced, you may find yourself having to pay more.

A service will also allow for potential faults to be caught early, before they have a chance to develop. It’ll also ensure that your boiler lasts for as long as possible. Finally, if you’re a landlord, then you have a legal obligation to get the boiler serviced.

What does servicing involve?

Combi boilers actually require a whole series of smaller inspections and operations. Your gas engineer will check the flue and pressure, and that the proper mixture of gas and air is being burned. All of the electrical components will be tested, along with any seals. The condensate trap will be checked for blockages, and the pipework will be given a once-over.

In most cases, the service should take around half an hour. Your engineer should provide you with a full report, detailing everything that’s been done. You’ll be able to use this to prove that the service has been carried out. But you should only sign the document if you’re happy with the standard of service you’ve been given.

Why service during summer?

If you get your boiler serviced at this time of year, you’ll find that waiting times are considerably shorter, and you might even find that you’re able to secure a discount. Plus, you’ll be able to avoid the stress of having to fix a boiler when the weather is cold, and you need to arrange alternative (and expensive) heating.

This is particularly pressing in the current climate, which has seen the cost of fuel rise dramatically. If you find that you’re having to pay out for a boiler replacement at precisely the same time that you’re having to pay large amounts for fuel, then you might find that the cost is too much to bear – even if you get help from the government. That’s not even factoring in the stress that you’ll suffer.

So, the fact that not many people are thinking about their boiler at this time of year means that you should be – as you might struggle to get problems fixed later on!

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