Top 6 Reasons to Study International Relations & Diplomacy

Complete Information About Top 6 Reasons to Study International Relations & Diplomacy

International relations (IR) is a dynamic and diversified field that studies the interactions between countries, international actors, and intermediaries. These interactions are based on a range of influential factors, such as economy, politics, socio-economical issues, and cultural connections as well as the shared interest of countries that participate in a collaborative international platform. 

International relations and diplomacy offer a distinct viewpoint on global politics and regional alliances. It also delves into some of the world’s most critical topics, such as global climate change, international terrorism, human rights, power politics, regional and global commerce, neoliberalism, and globalization.  

If you want to learn how global events affect societies and make a difference in the world of diplomacy, studying international relations and diplomacy may be the ideal path for you. Not only do you master the key concepts of IR but also prepare yourself for a rewarding and fulfilling career in global organizations. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With a degree in IR and diplomacy, the opportunities are limitless. 

World-class universities around the globe offer bachelors in international relations and diplomacy programs with a concentration in a variety of interesting subjects like international law and organizations, global health and environment, international security and diplomacy, international political economy, and human rights. Here are the top reasons why you should study this field.

1. You Can Develop Dynamic Skills

During your degree program in international relations and diplomacy, you’ll master a dynamic set of skills that are extremely helpful in your career growth and success. As a student, you will learn essential skills like team building, leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, as well as conflict management, and conflict resolution. 

The valuable skills you gain while studying international relations and diplomacy will not just be limited to your field but can be used in a variety of other fields and industries. Even if you seek a career change later in life, the key skills learned during your degree program will help you thrive and grow in your current occupation or launch a successful career in any other field. 

2. International Relations Holds Greater Significance in the Current Global Landscape 

As the world’s focus turns from regional politics to global challenges, the relevance of international relations has become more pronounced. The paradigm shift of global trade, technology, and the balance of power has changed the way countries interact with one another across all areas of interest. This exemplary change in global politics has raised the urgency to develop new policies, resolve conflicts in new ways and analyze the existing global perspective to address challenges and plan for the future. 

It is why many local and international organizations are increasingly looking for talented individuals to comprehend these issues and provide sustainable and long-term solutions. As an IR and diplomacy graduate, you will have the right knowledge and skills to deal with the growing challenges and navigate the world of diplomacy effectively. Your expertise in the field will give you an edge throughout your career and personal life. 

3. International Relations is Far Beyond Politics

There is a common misconception that international relations and diplomacy are all about international politics and equal distribution of power. However, there is much more to international relations and diplomacy than politics alone. 

As an IR graduate, you can have a successful career in a variety of fields, including global health, human rights, foreign relations, technology, human trafficking, global warming, sustainable economy, environmental problems, and many others. 

The type of career you choose depends on your concentration during your degree program, your skills, personal preferences, and professional experience. Your degree will surely help you in finding a career that is a perfect fit for your skills and aspirations. 

4. You Will Learn Cross-Cultural Management 

International relations and diplomacy not only equip you with excellent communication skills, but you will also learn how to effectively apply these skills in cross-cultural environments, whether in a typical business setup or within an international organization. You will learn how to create a cultivating and collaborative environment for people belonging to diverse cultures and ethnicities. 

Cross-cultural management is challenging and can be complex for those who lack appropriate training and expertise. However, with an IR degree, you have the right skills to manage cultural differences in communication, work ethics, business practices, and corporate etiquette. With organizations increasingly focusing on cultural diversity, your degree will open new horizons for a thriving career in cross-cultural management. 

5. You Will Have Countless Travel Opportunities

If you are someone who loves to explore the world and travel to areas you’ve never seen before, a degree in international relations and diplomacy might be the ticket to fulfilling your dreams. Both students and professionals of international relations get a plethora of opportunities to travel around the world, starting from early in their careers. 

If you get a job in an international organization that focuses on human rights and international conflict resolution, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to travel beyond borders and experience the culture and lifestyle of different countries and regions. 

International organizations like the United Nations Organization (UNO), World Health Organization (WHO), World Economic Forum (WEF), Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and others, are always on the lookout for talented individuals who’re willing to relocate to other parts of the world. If you fit that description, you would make a great candidate for a career in international relations or diplomacy.

6. It’s Easy to Land a Lucrative Job

A career in international relations and diplomacy offers unique opportunities for career growth and secures a high-paying job anywhere in the world. While the salary scale varies depending on the type of job and your area of specialization, entry-level jobs usually pay higher than the average annual income in the US

Apart from a basic salary, you’ll get other amenities like medical insurance, retirement funds, travel and accommodation allowances, and other benefits depending on the nature of your job. Moreover, jobs in international relations have a great potential for career advancement and relocation opportunities. Your salary and added benefits will increase as you gain more experience and knowledge in your field. 

Final Thoughts

International relations and diplomacy is a dynamic field that offers a world of opportunities for career-oriented professionals. Not only do you get the chance to learn from world-class faculty, but you also master a diverse skill set that can be used in a variety of industries and professions. So if you’re yearning for a successful career while also making an impact on society, consider enrolling in an international relations and diplomacy degree program today and put yourself on the path to a promising future. 

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