Top 5 Psychology Books for Teens

Best Top 5 Psychology Books for Teens

Top 5 Psychology Books for Teens: The period that doctors call puberty, and what psychologists call adolescence, is not easy for anyone. From one side, a whole world opens up before a young person, literally a sea of opportunities. On the other hand, no matter how you look at it, they are no longer children, to whom adults are inclined to forgive almost everything. 

Of course, family and friends should help teenegers to go through it with their love, support and understanding. Sometimes, it’s better to let your child get some help with their homework from a professional paper writer, so they could have fun with friends or simply chill in their room. And teens should also make an effort to be more patient and respectful towards their parents.

About how to survive these difficult years, establish relationships between people and a smooth transition to maturity – you will learn from interesting books. 

We’ve gathered the Top 5 books worth reading for teens ages 12 – 16.

Middle School: The worst years of my life

The book is about a sixth-grader who is simply fed up with school – he considers it an absolute prison. In order to somehow diversify the sluggishly dragging gray everyday life, he begins to play his own game, accruing points for various mischievous actions.

At the same time the hero himself – not a lone ranger, fighting against the world. But just a confused, embarrassed and vulnerable teenager who wants attention and is looking for himself in life.

There is a lot of humor in the book, mostly sarcastic, at times a little aggressive. But, nevertheless, it exceptionally accurately conveys all the emotions of a teenager.

Note the illustrations, which perfectly complement the book’s material and are quite pulling for a stand-alone work.

Teenage Survival Guide 

A kind and instructive book that all of us could have used when we were teenagers ourselves at age 14 or 15. The portrait of Dee Snider, an excellent psychologist and musician, leaves parents in shock: what, one wonders, can a strange man with earrings and a leather jacket with skulls pattern to teach them?

Oddly enough, this outwardly defiant character explains in some detail that promiscuity, including getting involved with alcohol or drugs (both in your youth and later) is not good or cool.

Overall, the book is great. But to really enjoy it, you have to understand the specifics of the 80s. The syllable is simple and straightforward, and ironic in many ways.

Although the book itself is quite vintage, and Snider is frankly old-school in comparison to modern psychologists, it’s still worth a read. If only to better understand how our parents thought, what they faced, and what they wanted to protect us from.

You are smarter than you think

This book will explain how silly the saying is: If a person doesn’t study well, they are stupid. In fact, they just haven’t discovered themselves yet. The author describes in detail what kinds of intelligence there are and guides you in clear and simple language to find out what kind of intelligence you are strong in.

The essence of the work is coaching for high school students to build ability and self-esteem. The style is warm, pleasant, but without pandering. Written well, cleverly, and without being too scientific.

Edgy Conversations: How Ordinary People Can Achieve Outrageous Success

The book is about the most ordinary and familiar people who managed to succeed. Like Armstrong’s work, it is essentially a motivational book. But Be the Best Version of Yourself has less theory and more practice. Also, Waldschmidt is more extreme.

A great chance to finally get off the couch or from behind the computer and start doing something worthwhile. Suitable as a life-affirming kick for those who are going to create something, but “tomorrow” never comes.

The motto of the book could be the phrase “just want to go further than others”. And in all seriousness, success is generosity and kindness, plus discipline and the ability to accurately assess the risks. The format of the book is such that it can be read in an hour. And how to find an hour in your “busy” schedule, the book tells.

The 7 Skills of Highly Effective Teens 

The work of Sean Covey is interesting, although it is too much of the ” self-made” idea. Here you get up in the morning and say to yourself: “This moment (weight, shyness, short-sightedness, grades at school – underline it) I do not like in my life, and I can change it”.

The book makes you think about the positions you take in life and the goals you set for yourself. Teenagers are often depressed, they feel like there is simply no way out. But there is always a way out. You just need to look at the other side.

In addition, the book teaches us to solve conflicts, not bending to the situation, but not going for aggression. And this is an important quality in today’s violent world.

By the way, parents will probably be interested in books by Covey senior (also a venerable psychologist).

After reading these books you will be able to easily understand what you want from this life and how you are going to achieve it. Just remember, don’t be too harsh towards yourself. Don’t hesitate to find cheap services on reddit and use them for homework assignments if you need some time for your hobby or simply to refresh. Life is beautiful, so enjoy it!

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