[Latest Link] Video Kebaya Merah TWITTER: Is Full LK21 First Went Viral on TWITTER? Is It Still Available on Reddit & Telegram?

Latest News Video Kebaya Merah TWITTER

Check out the entire article to find out every detail about the Video Kebaya Merah TWITTER case.

Have you ever witnessed any scandal videos? Do you know what happened in Indonesia? Please follow the entire article if you have no idea what we are talking about. Recently, a scandal video from Indonesia spread Worldwide. Many people know that making intimate videos is under strict law in Indonesia. 

But recently, something terrible happened in Indonesia, and people searched for Video Kebaya Merah TWITTER. Some people become desperate to see the viral video on Twitter and other social media handles.

What is the video that went viral?

A video went viral last week on different social media sites. In this video, a woman is seen wearing the traditional kebaya top, and a man is standing, wrapped up in a towel. The woman seen here is playing the role of the hotel employee. And, the man represented as a guest there.

Both of them were playing their designated characters, as per the assigned script. In the Kebaya Merah Full LK21, they both wore masks to hide their faces and identity. All the social media links are present below in the respective heading. 

What happened in the video?

The woman employee wearing the Kebaya Merah entered the room with an ashtray to give to the man. The man suddenly came out from the washroom, wrapping up in a towel. The man offered money to the woman for doing lovemaking. 

The woman agreed, and they started for further intimation. This scripted video went Viral on TWITTER, and became the most trending topic in Indonesia.  

Where did the video go viral first?

The term “kebaya merah” is now trending on Twitter, as it was the first social media platform where the video went viral. Many people from different countries already watched this trending video. 

In this digital era, leaked videos like this don’t take long to spread like wildfire. Hence, once posted on Twitter, it went viral and spread on other social accounts. 

Where did the video go viral first

Is the full video available on Reddit?

We could not find the full-length video on Reddit. But people tweeted that the video was sixteen minutes long. Some short clips of the video are still available on Reddit and Twitter. 

Some people shared the video link in the Twitter comment section. Some people desperately searched for the video on YouTube, Tiktok, and Telegram. Many people saved the video or took screenshots of the video. 

What is kebaya merah?

Kebaya is a traditional upper clothing of Indonesia and Malaysia. Kebaya merah means a red top. There are a total of three types of kebayas-

  1. Javanese Kebaya
  2. Indo-European Kebaya
  3. Peranakan Kebaya

The woman in the video wore a traditional red kebaya. That’s why people searched for the video as Video Kebaya Merah TWITTER

What happened after the video went viral?

On Monday morning, the police in Surabaya arrested the pair. The police also mentioned that for posting inappropriate content on social media platforms, the man and the woman could be in prison for six years. 

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The Last Words:

At first, the Surabaya police thought the pair recorded the video in Bali. But after watching the video properly, they found that the man and the woman shot the video in a hotel room in East Java. Click here to see people’s reactions on Twitter.

Did you also watch the video? Please comment below.

Video Kebaya Merah TWITTER– FAQ Section:

Q.1 Who were the man and the woman?

Ans. The police identified the man as MM and the woman as DNL.

Q.2 How old is the man?

Ans. The man is twenty-eight years old. 

Q.3 How old is the woman?

Ans. The woman is around twenty-six years old.

Q.4 Where does the man live?

Ans. According to the police, the man is from Denpasar.

Q.5 Where does the woman live?

Ans. The woman lives in Depok, West Java. But she is from Bogor.

Q.6 What are people typing to search for the video?

Ans. Most people typed Video Kebaya Merah TWITTER to search for the video.

Q.7 Are the pair in jail now?

Ans. Yes. They are in jail.

Q.8 Did they make any other videos previously?

Ans. Yes. They made their intimate video in the car while going to a temple in Gianyar for some rituals. 

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