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This post will provide you with knowledge on, and also, you will know about the gameplay.

Every individual is now aware of Wordle Game. This game has gained mass popularity, and now more Wordle series of Wordle have been launched. Weddle game is one of them where you need to guess the words. People of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia about

So, this post will tell the readers on how to play the Weddle game and what all you have to guess in this game. Kindly read this post.

Why is Weddle popular?

The Weddle game was launched shortly after Eric Weddle, who took retirement to help the Los Angeles Rams win the Super Bowl LVI last season. The game was launched after his name. His fans have been playing to memorize all the NFL players. This game is all about recalling the players from different football teams, guessing their names, and completing the challenge.

How to play Weddlegame.con?

The procedure is as easy as ABC. If you have good knowledge of NFL players, you can solve the quiz in the minimum time. But, before that, we must guide you on the procedures and guidelines provided by the official webpage of the Weddle game. Below are the guidelines:

  • You need to visit their official website to play the game.
  • Once you open the website, you will see a bar where you can write the name of NFL players, you guess.
  • The tiles’ color changes as you type each name. If it turns green, it means the name is correct. 
  • You will see a division column on, where the yellow color shows you the incorrect division but the correct conference.
  • Furthermore, you will see different columns for age, height, weight, and you have to guess accordingly. If it shows yellow color, this means the correct answer is within 2 (years, inches, number) respectively of the player.
  • The hint we can give you is that you must guess the name of the fantasy player. 

Following these guidelines will help you reach your goal within the available chances. You can play this game anytime from anywhere. There are basic requirements to play Weddle that we will tell you further.

Where to play

You can play Weddle on their official website. The players can visit if they want to play Weddle. Also, you can play this game from anywhere, no matter where you reside. You should have a good internet connection and a hood smart device that supports gaming features. You can also share your result with your friends on social media, etc. 


Summing up here, we have informed our readers on the mechanism to play Weddle. Also, you will learn why this game is trending everywhere. If you have good knowledge of football players, you can try this game,, and you will love playing it. Please check this link to visit the official website of Weddle.

Would you like to share your thoughts on the Weddle Game? Please share your views in our comment section.

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