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Latest News What Is Going to Happen on July 5TH 2022
This post on What Is Going to Happen on July 5TH 2022, will give complete information about the 3rd to 5th July celebration at CERN 

What happened on 5th July 2022? What is RUN 3? All the European council for nuclear research(CERN) members have celebrated the 10th anniversary of the victorious Higgs boson discovery through a large hadron collider that functioned on 4th July 2012. People of the  United States have joined CERN live streaming of this celebration. This post, What Is Going to Happen on July 5TH 2022, will guide our readers towards the celebration at CERN, also some details about Higgs particles and a large hadron collider.

A Summary Of The Celebration

  • The celebration began on 3rd July, and many notable personalities were invited, including Mark Levison and Walter Murch. Everybody watched the passionate documentary “particle fever,” which interpreted the hardwork of all the members to discover Higgs boson particles.
  • Nobel prize winner Peter Higgs, the discoverer of Higgs boson particles and the Higgs field, interacted with the members of CERN and shared his experience of discovering Higgs boson particles.

What Happening on July 5TH 2022 Cern

  • 5th July at 4:47 pm, all the operators, members, and physicists witnessed the 3rd round of large hadron collider (Run 3 ), which will observe the latest record of 13.6 trillion electronvolts. All credit goes to operators and members of CERN for this successful run 3 at CERN.
  • People worldwide joined it live on 5th July at 4:47 pm, available in French, German, Italian, Spanish, and English commentary.

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About Higgs Boson And Large Hadron Collider

  • Peter Higgs, Francois Englert, and four other theorists presented the theory of Higgs boson in 1964. According to them, the Higgs field, which is present in the universe, provides mass to other fields. They believe that the universe would not have been formed without the presence of Higgs particles.
  • Later the experiment was conducted on 4th July 2012 at CERN, where scientists affirmed the Higgs boson’s presence. This experiment was performed through CMS and ATLAS experiments at the large hadron collider at CERN.

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  • Joe Incandela, a CMS experiment spokesperson in 2012, and Fabiola Gianotti, an ATLAS experiment spokesperson in 2012 and now CERN director-general, recreated their photo from 4th July 2012.


We have informed our readers about the 10th anniversary of the Higgs boson discovery, its celebration, which took place from 3rd to 5th July 2022, and some additional information about peter Higgs, Higgs boson particles, and large hadron collider. To know more information and details, please visit this link

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