Who Owns Funimation (Aug 2021) Want To Know The Name?

Who Owns Funimation (Aug 2021) Want To Know The Name

Who Owns Funimation (Aug 2021) Want To Know The Name? >> Here’s something that every anime-watching freak must know about the platform providing dubbed versions. Read the post till the end.

Are you fond of watching anime series over the platform of Funimation? Well! You might be. But do you know Who Owns Funimation company? Well, if not, collect the owner’s information of Funimation company from the note illustrated down.

While across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, the news about this company is spreading out, stating Funimation company and Crunchyroll are now one. Thus the intrested ones can gather up complete details about the same from here.

What Is Funimation?

When we talk about watching anime series, it’s always Funimation. The Funimation company is owned by Sony entertainment company located in the United States and aims to distribute multiple anime series across the world. Do you know Who Owns Funimation company

The company seems to be at the forefront of anime dubbing, including exclusive content, which gets dubbed in English quickly.

The company will always be remembered by anime fans as it brings dubbed versions of the Dragonball Z in Cartoon networks previously in the 90s. Moreover, one can quickly get the entire content of the Funimation, including old series and new exclusive ones.

The catalogue of its is designed greatly if anyone wants to watch old and popular anime series. However, it also carries tons of new shows, and like this, the Funimation library grows continuously.

Who Owns Funimation Company?

Well, the Company Funimation was founded by Gen Fukunaga. His wife Cindy was also included in it. Daniel Cocanougher and their family did the funding. They were the investors of the Company. The company is considered the leading distributor of the anime series.

On 2005, 11th of May, Navarre Corporation acquired Funimation company. No sooner in 2011 April, the company was sold out to Fukunaga at $24 million by Navarre. There were also other investors along with Fukunaga who bought this company.

Who Owns Funimation Currently? For two years, that is 2017-19 Sony entertainment company owned a stake of 95% in this company, and since then, Sony Corporation is running Funimation via joint ventures. But currently, there is new updates about the Company merging with Crunchyroll.

The Latest Updates Regarding The Funimation Company:

Well, likely there are some news pointing out about Funimation company being merged with Crunchyroll. Yes, the information seems to be a real one. Sony Entertainment Pictures has finalized the purchase of Crunchyroll using Funimation LLC Global group.

Both the company(Funimation company and Crunchyroll) will now work together. This was published in the media a few hours ago.


Now we know Who Owns Funimation and its newest update of merging with another company named Crunchyroll. Currently, Funimation is owned by the Sony entertainment group and is operated by them in the joint venture. Get an insight history of Funimation global Company:

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