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In this post-Will Tony Rock Smith, we have provided our readers with the details regarding Will Smith’s apologizing video

Do you know about Tony Rock and Will Smith? The Worldwide famous Oscars 2022 incident in which Will Smith slapped Chris Rock will live in folklore forever. Smith apologized to Tony Rock, Chris Rock, and their family in a video that was released on July 29, 2022. It appears that Smith and Tony were good friends before the incident. So who is Tony Rock, Chris Rock’s brother? 

Read the Will Tony Rock Smith article for details regarding Will Smith’s apologizing video. 

Will Smith’s Apology Clip

Tony Rock is the younger brother of Chris Rock. Tony is an outstanding comedian and a famous SNL cast member. Will Smith left the Academy as a result of the controversy. And it appears that he has taken some time to think about what happened since the incident in March 2022 during the past few months. He uploaded a clip on Instagram on July 29, 2022, in which he discussed the past Oscar Incident. The search engines got flooded with the keywords like Tony Rock on Will Smith etc., just after Smith’s video went viral. 

Will added in his post, “I’ve tried to get in touch with Chris, but the response I got was that he’s not prepared to talk, but he will get in touch when he is. I will thus apologize to you, Chris. Again, I apologize for my misbehaviour, and I’m available whenever you want to talk.”

Will persisted in expressing regret to Chris’s mother and brother, Tony Rock. Additionally, as seen in Will’s video, he had a close bond with Tony. Has Tony thus pardoned him? Continue reading to know more.

Tony Rock on Will Smith

After the Oscars slap in March 2022, Tony Rock was upset with Will Smith. Indeed, the day following the Oscars, Will apologized on Instagram. However, Tony just stated “no” in response to a fan’s question on Twitter about whether he agreed with what Will had written. 

Tony Rock, the brother of Chris Rock, thinks Will Smith’s Oscar’s jab was prompted by Jada Pinkett Smith’s connection with the dead 2Pac.

Tony Rock recently discussed his thoughts about Will slapping his brother at the 94th Yearly Oscar Awards on the Top Billin’ with Bill Bellamy podcast. 

Why Will Tony Rock Smith Trending 

From social media to Google and other search engines, discussions of Will Smith and Tony Rock have become a trend. After Will Smith’s Instagram clip was posted, people were eager to know how Tony Rock would react to that video. If you want to see Tony Rock’s discussion on the Oscars’ rebuke, you can watch the Top Billin’ with Bill Bellamy podcast.


To summarise this post, we have acknowledged our readers with Will Smith’s apology statement video and Tony Rock’s discussion on Oscar’s rebuke. Kindly check this link to know more about this controversy

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