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 The business has uplifted many people in finance, tech, management and many things. People nowadays are stepping more into business, which helps them grow. But is that business that tough or complicated that many people step back before initiating?

People from many countries like the United States, and Canada are stepping into the business more and more. For people who are not confident about holding a business, Worxbee Careers could be a good choice to make your business productive. 

What is worxbee?

Worxbee is an organisation owned by women who provide executive assistants to their clients. Kenzie Biggins is the CEO and founder, Angela Wynn is COO, Integrator and Amie Irwin is the support manager of Worxbee. They basically help people grow their business and help them in various tasks.

 The Worxbee team has many executive assistants who collaborate with clients. Assistants are provided with the client’s profile, and they can select the one they find good. According to our research, we found positive Worxbee Reviews.

Worxbee services

The company provides various services that help leaders develop their skills and experience to grow their organisation.

  • Executive assistant: Worxbee focuses on matching business leaders who face hectic schedules with executive assistants of high level. The executive helps them to sort out the problem they are facing in the business. 
  • Visionaries and Integrator’s support: To grow a business, it needs to expand to a large level. Worxbee visionaries and Integrator’s support help leaders to implement strategies and tools.
  • Support Executive Assistant Enterprise: Virtual executives can do anything you want an executive assistant to do in your office, but the exception is they cannot be physically present. It seems tricky how virtual EA could handle things, but Worxbee deals with expert and high-level assistants.

Worxbee Careers

Some important details that need to be considered about worxbee.com is that we need to check its legitimacy, trust score, and other important details. So this paragraph will help you out.

  • Domain life: It was registered on November 7, 2016. It is quite an old website.
  • Trust score: Worxbee got a good trust factor of 86% which is a positive side. It comes under the Good Trust Score bracket.
  • Social media pages: Official pages on some good platforms were found like Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Reviews: no relevant reviews were collected from their website and other sources.


  • Official pages on social media were found.
  • Email id was mentioned


  • No valuable reviews of Worxbee Careers were found.
  • Contact number and location was hidden.


It is a good way to lift up your business with a great supporting team. It will not only boost your confidence but also helps you to know about the business environment. You can analyse and learn various things. Although it has a good trust score, old domain age, due to lack of customer reviews, we are recommending it for experienced users only. Trust Score  

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