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About General Information Write For Us + Blockchain Development
The article contains the basic idea of “Write For Us + “Blockchain Development” and describes its features and rule of applications for contributing a guest post.

Are you a writer? Do you want to write informative blogs on the Blockchain? In recent times, writing demands are growing on Blockchain’s subjects. Many readers, investors and cryptocurrency experts want to know about the subject. They also want to know about the fundamental trends of the concept.

For this reason, our portal wants some experience content contributors who can write on the matter. We are looking for content contributors for Write For Us + “Blockchain Development“. 

What Do You Know About Hastebc.org? 

Our portal has long experience in the content writing sector. Our portal is HastebcWe mainly deal with News articles, website reviews and content on cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Our main aim is to educate the readers via our news article. We also inform them of the daily update on the various issues through descriptive and analytic news articles. 

Our Website reviews can inform the users about the essential factors of the website by checking their important scores via trusted sources. Yes, we also publish news articles on the current Blockchain and Crypto Currency.

Essential Protocols for Blockchain Development Write for Us

It is important to know our writing protocols. We follow some strict rules. The content contributors have to maintain these rules for the selection purpose. 

  1. Maintaining a proper word count is the necessary protocol. Contributors need to write the blogs between 500 to 1000 words.
  2. We don’t accept spinning content or copied content. The content should be original, neat and clean. You can also attach the screenshot proof for the content originality.
  3. The content writer should use the external and internal links in the content appropriately. The links should be “bold” and “highlighted” with a designated colour.
  4. For Write For Us Blockchain Development Guest Post, keyword density is a must and essential rules to be followed. The keywords should be between 0.75 per cent and 1 per cent words. 
  5. The content should include the Seo rules and spam score of link shouldn’t be more than 3%
  6. The content writers should use the external link after completing eighty per cent of the content. The link and crux words should be in “Bold” and colour in “Green”.
  7. We don’t allow any grammar mistakes. The grammar score should be not less than 99 plus. The screenshot should be attached as proof of the content.
  8. Use proper paragraphing, headings and subheadings.

Advantages for Write For Us + Blockchain Development

  1. More than 10000 readers check our portal each day. Therefore, the content writers will get a colossal reader base.
  2. Our SEO protocols will give the content enormous traffic. Daily updates of the content will earn a great base of readers.
  3. The contributors can make a bridge with readers. It will increase the writer’s credibility.
  4. For informative writings, the content will get the highest SERP rank.
  5. Our reader’s base included this trade’s experts, buyers and investors. So, the content contributors will have to create great faith among them. It will ultimately increase their popularity.

The Best Topics on Blockchain

For Blockchain Development “Write For Us”, the content contributors must choose trendy and attractive blog topics. In the present day, readers like to read informative and analytic issues. For this reason, the writers must select exciting subjects that can easily engage readers. Here we have mentioned some of the best topic idea on the Blockchain. 

  1. What do you know about Crypto Currency Investment? 
  2. Do you have any idea about the Blockchain protocols? 
  3. The recent trends and protocols of Blockchain protocols.
  4. Do you know about the essential concepts of Blockchain? 
  5. Know the investment podiums where investors can invest efficiently. 

These are a few blogs idea on the subject. But for Blockchain Development Write for Us, you can find out a more exciting topic for the writing. The contributors should use analytical essays for the blogs. 

How to Contact Us

The content contributors can write the sample content and send us to our registered email id: braydenwilson763@gmail.com. Our concerned team will check your content and inform the evaluation result within 24 hours. Please note that our company has full ownership and editing rights to the published content.


Get ready for the writing experience for the best content publishing portal. We hope our opportunity will increase your probability of being an experienced content writer. Start sending the blogs for our Write For Us + “”Blockchain Development, and watch the positive change. 

We are happy to take any questions from you. Please also check the link for better knowledge of Blockchain.

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