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About General Information Write for Us Hospitality
Write for Us Hospitality has shared all the details required for writing a guest post on Hastebc Org.

Are you a digital marketer, writer, and expert in the hospitality industry? Do you want to share your reviews, ideas, and content with a global audience? Hastebc Org is inviting guest post on hospitality from experts and companies involved in the hotel industry.

This industry has experienced a lot of volatility during the pandemic, but as things are getting regular, connecting with the audience is a top priority for the companies. Industry contributors can join our Write for Us Hospitality guest post and reach thousands of global visitors coming daily on our platform.

Who are we?

Hastebc Org is a leading portal in the digital media industry, with thousands of visitors coming on it daily. It has an expert team of writers for creating quality content. The content published on its site are website reviews, product reviews, and news.

Website review provides legit details of e-commerce platforms to online shoppers from different countries. Product reviews content discusses details like item features and pros and cons that our regular reader seeks. The news section publishes report on international events that has global viewership.

Write For Us Hospitality Blog Guest Post:

Hastebc Org guest post is a great initiative that has benefits for all the stakeholders involved in it. Contributors can use this opportunity to connect with the targeted audience at a global level. They can also share their product details and plan they wish to implement in the coming days. 

Many changes have been made in the hospitality industry, company and experts can use this platform to share it with the audience. Readers will know about the changes made in the industry and plan their trips to different places accordingly.

Write For Us + Hospitality Blog can also be used by digital marketers to share reviews of different hotels for the client. Hastebc will get additional traffic from this guest post as it didn’t cover this niche in its regular publication.

Benefits for the contributors from Hospitality Guest posts:

  • Guest post will get thousands of ready-made customers visiting our platform.
  • They can divert some traffic on their platform by adding a suitable link to the article.
  • A writer can share their informative article on the hotel industry with global readers from diverse backgrounds.
  • Hotels can write about their promotional offers to attract customers.
  • Companies can also talk about facilities offered by them by contributing to Hospitality Blog “Write For Us” guest post.

Type of Article accepted by our website:

  • We only accept well-researched articles backed with facts and links.
  • The writer should develop an article on the given topic only.
  • The contributor should not submit articles that are already published in digital space.
  • Articles with futuristic ideas and newness are welcome.
  • Hotel reviews by digital marketers and experts.

Guidelines for creating Guest post content on Hastebc Org website:

Some guidelines are essential for creating content for the Hastebc Org platform. We have listed some of the guidelines below, and each writer should follow them while making content for Write For Us + “Hospitality Blog” guest post.

  • Writers are advised to make an article with a minimum of 1000 words.
  • The grammatical error should be avoided, and the article should have a grammar score of 100.
  • SEO guidelines of search engines should be followed while making content for guest post.
  • The link used for making the article should not have a spam score of more than 2-3%.
  • Two relevant links should be attached to the content at the appropriate place before the submission.
  • The writer should choose a suitable title for the article that can grab the reader’s attention.
  • Plagiarism-free content should be submitted for Write for Us Hospitality post.
  • Proper distance should be maintained between two keywords for search engine optimization.
  • Articles submitted to us should not be shared with any other digital platform.
  • We accept quality and unique articles for the guest post.
  • Writer should design heading and subheading based on the content under it.

Topics that can be covered for Hospitality Guest post.

  • Social media marketing and hotel industry.
  • Reviews of different hotels.
  • Blockchain in the Hospitality industry.
  • Post covid-19 strategy of Industry.

How to apply for Hospitality Write for us:

Digital marketers, experts, and others interested in writing hospitality guest post can contact us at team2022.hastebc@gmail.com.


Write for Us Hospitality is an excellent opportunity for experts from the hotel industry to connect with thousands of regular readers visiting Hastebc Org daily. Writers and experts having any queries about the guest post can clear their doubts by mailing us at the email mentioned above, or they can share their doubts in the comment section.

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