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About General Information Write for Us IPHONE

Write for Us IPHONE is guidelines for new writers to familiarize themselves with our website and the kinds of posts we publish on our website.

Do you keep extensive updates on iOS design, its products, and Apple’s latest technology used in phones? Suppose you are interested in writing a guide on iPhone-related apps, apple products like smartwatches, iOS, MAC OS, etc. In that case, you can Write for Us IPHONE.

We welcome high-quality content, blogs, informative articles, myth busters, and guides published on our website. Let us familiarize you with who we are and how you can help write for us.

Who is Hastebc?

Hastebc is a leading online news provider website that offers authentic information through articles and blogpost. Many readers found our guide helpful and got the answers what they were looking for. Our posts include Health-related news, innovation and technology, gaming tips, and reviews on several trending products and websites launching.

If your writings have a solution to our reader’s queries on Apple and iPhone products, then Write For Us + IPHONE Blog. However, it would be best if you knew you could write to us.

Who can write for us?

Apple iPhone 14 and Apple iPhone 14 Plus launching this week. You can take our platform as an opportunity to publish related information, such as why to buy, what is new compared to the previous iPhone model, features, designs, upgrades, etc. Do you have such information and want to share it? In such a case, you can write to us. But first, you should see certain guidelines discussed in the next section that our writers follow while drafting a post.

  • IPHONE Blog “Write For Us” is for experienced writers and those who do not have one.
  • We encourage talent and provide you with this opportunity to write for us. 
  • If you are a student, developer, working professional and possess a strong knowledge of iPhone, you can write for us.
  • If you can write high-quality content that is not published before and want to help our readers, you can write for us.
  • Anyone who is well-updated with the specification and functionality of iPhone, iPad, iWatch, MacOS, Apple devices and Apps can write for us.

Rules to follow for Write For Us + “IPHONE Blog”:

  • A unique, fresh, not copy-pasted drafted keeping iPhone in mind.
  • It should be informative, well explained and written, keeping readers perspective.
  • You can send us to the point, not misguiding, no wrong information, non-promotional articles or blogs.
  • We strictly warn not to copy as we do not encourage plagiarized content in our previously published posts.
  • Moreover, your post should be grammatically correct and free from typos.
  • You can keep an 800–1100-word count, ideally.
  • Provide one or two links relevant to the topic of discussion.
  • Please send us fresh content as a Write For Us IPHONE Blog Guest Post sample. 
  • You cannot publish content once it is published on our website.
  • We hold the right to change, modify the post/image and then publish it to match the consistency with our other posts.

How to send the write for us sample post?

If you have the capabilities to address our readers’ questions through your writings, then you are welcome to our team of writers. You can send your sample post to the email address team2022.hastebc@gmail.com.

Once we find your Write for Us IPHONE sample and approve it, you will get a reply back from us. You can send it as .docx or .html formats.

Why write for Hastebc?

We often publish content related to iPhones, and if you are a professional writer or possess knowledge of iPhones, you can write for us.

  • Hastebc is an established website and has readers from all across the world.
  • You can get a boost in your writing career and be known by thousands of our readers.
  • You may get the exposure you are looking for in your business.
  • If you Write for Us IPHONE posts, you will get recognition as a writer.
  • People will appreciate your work on various social media platforms.
  • Establish a trustworthy relationship among your customers through writing and publishing content.


There is an exceptional opportunity for everyone to take advantage of writing for us. To start with, you can send us your writeups drafted, keeping guidelines in mind. Also, we hope you have gone through our requirements and got familiarized with who we are before proceeding Write for Us IPHONE

Do you have more queries? Comment below or ask in the mail we have provided. Moreover, visit the Apple website to learn about the latest iPhone and more .

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