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Check out all the vital guidelines for writing a unique Write For Us Sports And Fitness guest post for us.

Are you a fitness freak? Do you have incredible knowledge of sports and fitness? Mainly, fitness freak people have knowledge of sports. Both fitness and sports are equivalent to each other. And if you are a fitness freak who also has an interest in sports, you can use this talent by showcasing your knowledge. It might be a little confusing for you. So, let us clear all the things.

Currently, we are searching for enthusiastic and energetic writers and bloggers who can provide us with the Write For Us Sports And Fitness guest post. Those who are interested in sports and fitness and have a knack for writing, we have great news for you. We are giving opportunities to some incredible writers who are willing to work for us and write unique content. 

Who are we?

We, Hastebc, are an online-based news portal that covers all types of news and information. Now, we are searching for writers to write the Write for Us + Sports And Fitness guest post. We have been in this field for a very long time. Daily online news readers must have known about us. Under one roof, readers get politics-related, game-related, sports-related, social media-related, business-related, current affairs-related, and cryptocurrency-related news.

Readers enjoy reading our blogs because our writers write positive and reader-friendly articles. We do not promote hate speech and sensitive content in our blogs. While writing the Sports And Fitness Write for Us guest post, you need to remember this point. We only believe in providing genuine and authentic information. For these reasons, thousands of people choose to read our articles and blogs.

We are now searching for a few enthusiastic writers who can write for us while maintaining our guidelines. Providing quality-full content is our motto. So, if you think you are suitable for this post, you should definitely read all of our guidelines and rules for writing guest posts.

What are the guidelines for the “Write for Us” + Sports And Fitness guest post?

Writers and bloggers must follow a few crucial guidelines in order to write guest posts for us. These guidelines will help you to increase the chance of your article getting selected.

  • Write your content uniquely. Try to think innovatively while writing the guest post.
  • Do not put unnecessary and irrelevant information in your guest post.
  • The length of your article must be between 1500 and 2000 words.
  • Use simple English words while writing the Sports And Fitness + “Write for Us” guest post. Complicated English words can decrease the readability score of your guest post.
  • Using relevant and authentic reference links in your guest post is a must. And do not forget to make the external links bold and green.
  • Another vital guideline is that the spam score of your blog must not exceed 3%.
  • The Grammarly score of your written blog must be above 98+. Try to ignore grammatical errors in your writing.
  • While writing the Sports And Fitness “Write for Us” guest post, do not use promotional headings. Otherwise, our technical support team will cancel your article.
  • Try to avoid using aggressive and abusive words in your blog. Also, do not mention any explicit content.
  • The headings and subheadings of your written Write for Us + Sports And Fitness guest post should be innovative and unique.
  • Do not forget to attach an external link after completing 80% of your article.
  • Adding copyright-free images will be an extra point for the writers.
  • Write 90% of your article in an active voice.
  • Include a description, introduction, conclusion, and disclaimer in your blog post.

Benefits writers will get after writing the Sports And Fitness Write for Us guest post:

  • Thousands of people will be able to read your article.
  • Your written blog will attract a huge traffic.
  • Writers can check their writing skills through SERP if they want to write for us.
  • Writers can get opportunities from fitness centers or sports fields if their writing impresses everyone.

What topics can the writers choose for the Write For Us Sports And Fitness guest post?

  1. Why is sports important for fitness?
  2. What is the relationship between fitness and sports?
  3. Ten benefits of sports in daily life.
  4. What are the importance of fitness and sports?
  5. Best equipment for sports and fitness.
  6. Why sports is crucial for life?
  7. Why sports and fitness is vital for grownups?

How to contact us for the Write for Us + Sports And Fitness guest post?

You will be ready to write guest posts once you read and understand all our guidelines and rules for writing for us. Follow our guidelines strictly before you start to write the guest post. Writing plagiarism-free content is a must in this field.

So, if you think you are capable of fulfilling all our requirements, you can contact us via email and mail your blog. Send your written article to editor.hastebc@gmail.com. Once our tech support team checks your “Write for Us” + Sports And Fitness guest, they will contact you within 24 hours. Our technical support team will inform your result. If your written article passes the guidelines test, our tech support team will let you know all the rules and regulations.


For more queries, you can send emails to editor.hastebc@gmail.com. Please follow our guidelines properly before you start writing the Write For Us Sports And Fitness guest post. We have attached a helping link so that you can get proper information about fitness and sports.

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