Zambian Meat Cannibalism Canada {Nov} An Incident Detail

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Read about a horrifying murder case that started with two strangers chatting on the forum at Zambian Meat. Know the details of Zambian Meat Cannibalism Canada.

Did you know that Zambian Meat Cannibalism case is searched for information widely on the internet in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia? Did you know that Zambian Meat Cannibalism was related to a murder case in November 2013. Did you know that a police officer was the main accused in the Zambian Meat Cannibalism?

Let us look at the details of the brutal incident and its timeline in sequence in this write-up on Zambian Meat Cannibalism Canada.

The Zambian Meat Cannibalism incident:

Detlev G was working at Saxony State Office of Criminal Investigation. He was 55 years old. Detlev had joined the Zambian Meat Cannibalism forum, where he met his victim online. The 59 years old victim was a resident of Hanover.

Detlev had been in contact with the victim for a considerable amount of time, and both of them exchanged e-mails, messages and conversations via chat forum.

The victim has informed Detlev that he wanted himself to be killed and Cannibalized from an early age. It reviled the suicidal tendency of the victim.

What Is Zambian Meat?

Zambian Meat is a website forum where Cannibalistic and illegitimate fantasies are discussed among its members. 

Details of the incident:

On 4th November, they met at Dresden main train station and later went to munch-on near the Czech border. 

During their meeting, the victim agreed to be killed and Cannibalized. Then, both of them went to Detlev’s guest house located in the Ore Mountains. 

Detlev took the victim to the basement of his guesthouse. Detlev had a knife and inflicted life-threatening wounds, tortured the victim, butchered his body parts and dismembered the victim.

Zambian Meat Wiki:

As per online sources, this type of incident, Cannibalistic and illegitimate fantasies, are not new in the forum at Zambian Meat as the website supports such content.

However, Detlev did not confess that he had eaten any body parts of the victim. But, he had buried the victim in the guesthouse garden.

The Detlev’s Arrest:

The German police arrested Detlev on 13th November 2013. Detlev’s colleagues said that he was a normal person and did not have any suicidal tendency, mental disturbances (or) any tendency to kill. 

It was shocking to Detlev’s colleagues to know about his activities on Zambian Meat Forum.

Court’s Verdict:

A case registered at a court in Dresden found Detlev guilty of the murder and sentenced him to 8 years and 7 months imprisonment. 

The prosecution was trying for life imprisonment. But, the court ruled out the request as the victim’s suicidal tendency could not be ignored.


Please note that Zambian Meat is not directly accessible, and the URL of the forum of Zambian Meat was not specified. Hence, information in this write-up is acquired from various sources on the internet. This article does not promote the Zambian Meat Cannibalism Canada website and take any authority over the website.

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