iSchoolTravel Calculator, Custom Configuration and Results Tracking

iSchoolTravel is a suite of tools to help students and educators calculate, track and reduce school-related transportation emissions.

  • The iSchoolTravel calculator is an easy to use online tool for individuals and groups to measure their impacts traveling to and from school. The tool calculates distances for multi modes of travel to and from school, calories burned through active travel and greenhouse gas emissions and gasoline cost through vehicle use.

    The calculator is available for use on the HASTe website or download as an iPad  App. calculator  Download the iPad App
  • The iSchoolTravel Configuration and Analysis tool allows a registered teacher or program administrator to configure the calculator for a specific classroom or school use, add active travel survey questions, then have access to uploaded results for each of their students calculations. The ability to configure  to collect, review and track a group, classroom or school's travel data submitted through the iSchoolTravel provide a powerful set of quantitative data that can be used as a classroom learning exercise, or as a measurement tool to validate participation in programs such as iWalk, Bike to School Week or School Travel Planning.

    Classroom Codes to access to the Configuration and Analysis tool can be purchased for a small fee online at.   Rates are as low as $10 per a classroom or $100 for a school with up to 25 classrooms and unlimited students. Funds raised from the purchase of access go to support the continued operation of HASTe.  (Available the first week in September, 2012.)

    Please visit ocontact us for help or information about any aspect of iSchoolTravel.
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