A New Year – New Way to Travel – Final Countdown

OK, the final countdown is on! We’ve posted our Final 4 New Year’s resolutions with the age-old question in mind: Why did the chicken cross the road?

  1. Get Organized – When it comes to planning for active travel it is best to know before you go. Start by checking your municipality’s website for route planning resources, such as maps. Explore and try out different routes to see which ones you like best. Get a group together, when it comes to active travel, being with others is safer and a lot more fun! Here’s an idea. Sign up for Winter Walk Day at your school and join thousands of students across Canada who are braving the cold February weather. Should be easy for us West coasters, eh? Take one step further and check out HASTE’s tools and programs to organize a walking school bus or bike train at your school, any time of year!

  2. Quit Smoking (from your tailpipe) – Did you know that transportation causes about one-third of Canada’s air pollution? (New Brunswick, Department of Environment). Families can take part in reducing emissions and their impact on our environment simply by walking or biking to school. Many of us often drive for very short trips (under 2kms) that could easily be made on foot or by bike. This year witness how small changes in your travel choices can make a big difference. Visit the professor at HASTE’s My Travel Calculator to measure your CO2 emissions and then challenge yourself or a friend to do better.
  3. Fit in Fitness – Living an active and healthy lifestyle often finds its way into the Toli>3 of any New Year’s Resolutions list, and why wouldn’t it. Being healthy can greatly enhance your physical and mental well-being! While February gyms still overflow with fitness resolution go-getters, this year avoid all the chaos by simply energizing your daily commute. Walk or bike to work, school, or for daily errands. Even taking transit starts and ends on foot. Every extra steli>or pedal will bring you that much closer to reaching your 2012 fitness resolutions. Still not convinced? Need more healthy tips? Check out what the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has to offer during Heart Month this February.
  4. Spend More Time with Family & Friends – OK, here we are at number 1! And really there’s no better way to spend time with family and friends (and get exercise at the same time) than walking to school or a bike ride in the park. Research shows that parents who walk their children to school instead of driving are spending more valuable social time with their family and peers whilst being physically active. Multitasking in the most effective way! Need we say more?

Oh, of course, why did the chicken cross the road? He was on his way to school, obviously! With a little help from his friends.

Thanks for reading! We hope our list has given you some new (and old) ideas about the benefits of active travel and how we can all incorporate walking and wheeling into our daily routines. Chat soon!

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