Corey Micciolo Cause of Death And Bio 2024: Know more about his age, parents, net worth and so on.

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The article talks about Corey Micciolo Cause of Death and Bio and his age, parents, and biography in the below article.

Horrifying video of a father putting his 6-year-old on the treadmill since he felt he was “too fat” was shown during a US murder trial.  After his son Corey Micciolo passed away in April 2021. Christopher Gregor whose age is 31, was charged with both murder and endangering the welfare of a child. 

 On March 20, 2021, Gregor was caught on camera in a fitness centre in Barnegat. He was trying to keep up with his child on the treadmills. The devastating footage was captured on that day. The incident happened in the United States.

Corey Micciolo Cause of Death And Bio: About the incident in the treadmill.

 His son takes off flying backwards when he raises the machine’s incline and speed. With a seeming bite to his head, he lifts the youngster up and uncomfortably places him again on the machine. 

About Corey Micciolo Cause of Death And Bio

Micciolo is thrown backwards and hit into the track in horrific scenes as he repeatedly attempts to get back on. After a while, Gregor gives in and reduces his slope and speed in the days preceding his passing. 

Corey’s mom, Bre Micciolo, had joint custody with Gregor. She notified the New Jersey Division of Child Welfare and Persistence of the boy’s harm, according to a report.

She brought the boy to the doctor on April 1. As per online sources, Corey Micciolo informed the physician that his father forced him to get on a running machine “since he had become too fat.”

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Corey Micciolo Cause of Death And Bio: How is the condition of the little boy?

His condition worsened the following day, and his father had to take him to the hospital. The prosecution informed the jury that “the accused transported Corey’s lifeless corpse into Southern Ocean Health Center.”

He said that Corey was feeling drowsy and had vomited. After being accepted without delay, Corey was sent to Room 6 in the hospital’s emergency room. After receiving an intubation, he passed away from his wounds.

Following Micciolo’s death on April 2, a preliminary autopsy found severe bruises on the young child’s body, which indicated that accidental injuries, liver and heart fractures, severe inflammation, and infection were the cause of death.


Corey Micciolo Wiki

Dr. Dante Ragusa, the medical examiner for Ocean County, finally noted that his conclusions were “undetermined.”

Dr Thomas Andrew reviewed the case in September 2021 and found an injury on his heart, ruling his passing to be a murder. Gregor was then charged and placed under custody.

Bre Micciolo sobbed while watching the upsetting footage in court, and Gregor’s lawyer informed the jury that he didn’t give an inch if the jury liked his client after seeing it.

Name Corey Micciolo
Age 6
Died on April 2, 2021
Father Christopher Gregor
Mother Breanna Micciolo
Cause of Death chronic abuse
Net worth Unknown
Height  Unknown
Weight Unknown

Before it started, Mario Gallucci turned to face them and remarked, “You’re not going to like him.” I also don’t give a damn if you dislike him. You’ll feel ashamed and appalled.

He claimed that sepsis, rather than neglect at the feet of his father, was the cause of the boy’s passing away, telling them that “proof you are going to see of Corey’s murder had nothing to do regarding the treadmill.” The trial is still ongoing.


The young child fell and slipped off the moving track because the abrupt changes were excessive for his legs. Gregor appeared to be biting Corey on the head as he took his kid and threw him down onto the machine, forcing the youngster’s knees to fold inward. 

After the youngster gets back on, he falls off once more and struggles to stay on the machine. Which finally forces the father to lower the inclination and speed. His mother noted this in the video and made a complaint. On Tuesday, Gregor faced the charges of murder. Know more about Corey online.

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