Is Acquter Legit {July 2022} Read Informative Reviews!

Acquter Online Website Reviews

The article discusses the online store’s essential factors and points out Is Acquter Legit or a scam.

Are you a creative person? Do you want to buy some exclusive garden décor? There are many other design products also available on the online store. The name of this online store is Acquter. The organization offers many designable products to the buyers of the United States.

Customers are indeed visiting and buying the products from this online shop. But many don’t know about the legitimacy of the virtual store. We are trying to find some facts that will give a clear idea – Is Acquter Legit or not?

Get all the validated data about the store.

  • Owner’s Data- The founder’s name is not identified clearly.
  • Index Trust Matter- The index trust factor is 28.8 per cent.
  • HTTPS Security- The Website has valid HTTPS security.
  • Date of Domain- The Website was founded on 9 February 2022. The Website is 5 months old.
  • Expiry of Domain- The Website is expiring on 9 February 2023. The Website will pass in less than one year.
  • Social Media Icon- No social media icon is found on the official Website.
  • Acquter Reviews– We have checked the online store. But don’t get any customer reaction on the Website.
  • The score of Trust- The Website has a low trust score. It gains just a one per cent trust score.
  • The ratio of Phishing- Is 24 out of 100.
  • The proximity of Suspiciousness- The suspicious score is 30 out of 100.
  • Blacklist Check- We don’t find any engine on the blacklist.
  • Popularity Rank- Popularity score is 572832. That is medium rank.
  • Spam and Threat Rate- The Website has a 12 per cent spam score. But the threat score is very high. It is 63 out of 100.
  • Malware Found- The malware score is 63 out of 100.

Is Acquter Legit– Need to Validate the Data

The online store offers unconventional and designed items to the customers. The store’s products are Bees Metal Art, Magic Windmill, Solar Waterfalls Light, Chicken Stakes, Peacock Windmill Lights, etc.

We also check the price rate of the products. The different products have different price rates. With it, the design and layout of the Website are well furnished. The Website has a colourful look and has a product description as well. But this information is not enough. For this reason, we need to check more data.


  • Address: No office address is recorded on the Website. Is Acquter LegitMany can raise the question.
  • Email:
  • URL:
  • Shipping Norms: It maintains three shipping policies.
  • Shipping Rate: The shipping charge is free for anything over 59 USD.
  • Return & Return Policies: Returns a day of the product are not clearly mentioned on the Website. But, has informed that the Company refunds within 30 days.
  • Payment Modes: Unfortunately, the company only has a single payment option. You can pay via PayPal.  
  • Products’ Warranty: The product warranty is not clearly mentioned. 
  • Payment Security: The company does not disclose any security terms of the payment, hence doubt raises: Is Acquter Legit or not! 


  1. The Website offers designable items at an affordable price rate.
  2. The Website maintains refund policies.
  3. No blacklist engine is found on the Website.


  1. The Website doesn’t have any social media pages.
  2. The postal address is not written on the Website.
  3. The online store doesn’t give any product guarantee on the products.
  4. The Website has a high rate of malware, suspicious and spams score.
  5. Contact information is absent on the official Website.
  6. the owner’s name is partially transparent under WHOIS.

Acquter Reviews 

We have checked the online store in detail, but sorry to inform you we don’t get any single comment from the customers on the Website. We first think the age of the Website is less than one year. But it is very fishy in the present-day an online store has no buyer’s reviews. 

Customer reviews are much more important nowadays. It denotes the publicity of the online store. Besides this, it also increases the buying probability of the online store. Even we don’t get any reviews from the other sources. However, you can read – How to Stop the PayPal Scam.


Is Acquter Legit? In search of this question, we find much negative information about the Website. That is not a good sign for any online store. The Website doesn’t satisfy many of the valid points. So, right now, it is better to check all the necessary facts before you make buying decisions. 

The readers can also find the online shop by checking the link. Kindly share your recent online buying experiences. Also, read the article- How to Return Back Your Payment on Credit Card Fraud  

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