Is Antoniglobal Legit {April} Honest website Reviews!

Antoniglobal Online Website Reviews

The below article provides you with all the essential information regarding Is Antoniglobal Legit or scam question.

Are you so obsessed with footwear? Are you searching for an online store where fashionable footwear is primarily for men and women? If so, you might have already searched the United States-based website. It’s Antoniglobal which is prominent for footwear selling. 

All sorts of modern and satisfying shoes, sandals, wallets, backpacks and hats are available. It is a suitable platform for both men and women. But, Is Antoniglobal Legit? Can we trust this platform? Let’s check about its legitimacy and credibility below-

Is This Forum Legit? 

  • Creation Date- 26th August 2021 on Thursday midnight. Only an 08-month-old website. 
  • Expiry Date- 26th August 2022. Only 4 months are left for the deceased. 
  • Traffic- The website has good traffic of 407,869. 
  • Connections- A reasonable HTTPS relationship is established and not blacklisted. 
  • Trust Score- It has an impoverished trust score of only 1 out of 100. 
  • Trust Index- Very low trust index that is 0.9 out of 100 only. 
  • Antoniglobal ReviewsVery less reviews are available that too are not favourable.
  • Owner Details- The originality of the holder is somehow hidden and partially identified. 
  • Contact- Only email ID is given on the official page. 
  • Popularity- It is a badly distinguished website that is 546918. 

Particulars of Antoniglobal-

Antoniglobal is an online store widely famous for footwear. They’ve been shoemakers since 1825. Their iconic footwear collection gives comfort, style and fashion at once. 

All can find their perfect size and suitable footwear option from the seedbed to aged individuals. Even a lady’s collection is available there. Yet, we still need to check whether it Is Antoniglobal Legit or a sham. Besides shoes and sandals, they deal with other stocks also like headdresses, backpacks, wallets etc. 


  • Website-
  • Industry- Sandals
  • Sector- Footwear 
  • Email-
  • Availability- 9 to 18 hours from Monday to Saturday. 
  • Shipping Details- In 2-3 business days
  • Delivery Information- Within 7-15 business days 
  • Cancellation Policy- Available 
  • Return Policy- Available within 45 days. 
  • Refund Policy- It will take 14 days to get your refund. 
  • Payment Options- Visa, Mastercard and PayPal. 
  • Social Media Handles- This website isn’t connected with any social media platforms. 

Benefits of Buying to Know Whether Is Antoniglobal Legit or Not? 

  • It is a beautifully maintained website. 
  • It has good traffic and valid connections as well. 
  • It is not a blacklisted forum. 
  • Products are suitable for all ages and genders. 
  • There’s a free shipping option available. 
  • Policies are customer-friendly and manageable. 
  • It is a safe website to visit and purchase from, according to GoogleSafe Browsing. 

Disadvantages of Buying-

  • A very young website to believe on. 
  • Quick existence yearning area. 
  • A very few reviews are available that are too negative. We can’t say whether it Is Antoniglobal Legit or a scam. 
  • This realm phrase correlates to one or more regions known for being used by deceitful sites.
  • No COD alternative is available. 
  • A very poor trust score, popularity and trust index. 
  • Important information like the company’s name, postal address, and contact number is missing. 
  • The owner’s information is suspicious and partially hidden. 
  • No social media handles found correlated to this arena.
  • There are no guarantee and warranty details available. 

Hence, these were some pros and cons of buying from this website. Let’s check the reviews further to get a clearer vision. 

Antoniglobal Reviews-

After several attempts to find out the customer reviews we got a few. This website got only 1 star out of 5 and there are only 2 reviews available everywhere. 1 star from 2 journals implies that maximum consumers are chiefly disappointed with their bargains.

Few customers have given negative reviews regarding the services and products as well. They complained that they ordered something else and got something of miserable quality. Similarly, click here to comprehend how to spot Paypal scam announcements immediately.


We would only like to state one thing regarding the Is Antoniglobal Legit question. It isn’t a safe and secure platform worth your money. They have been making shoes for ages, but the website and reviews aren’t justifying their authentication.   

We would advise you to avoid this platform or do your research. And, Comment Down Your Beloved Brand Of Shoes. Moreover, click here to understand how to identify phishing Credit Card texts.

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