Is Astrotodo Legit {April 2022} Easy & Quick Reviews!

Astrotodo Online Website Reviews

Scroll down the below article to get all the details for the online portal and know, Is Astrotodo legit.  

Are you looking for a trade-in for different collections for swing- sets? Do you want solutions for your industry tailoring? Here many new start-ups businesses are looking to enhance their business with smart collections. 

Therefore, many people from the United States are conducting surveys on online portals to find the legitimacy of the Astrotodo website. Hence, we give you each detail for this website to know if Is Astrotodo legit!

Let’s scroll down to discuss each legitimacy factor in detail and find whether it is trustworthy!

Is Astrotodo an authentic portal? 

  • Domain Age – it was created less than 6 months back, i.e., 7th February 2022. ‘‘
  • Expiry time – to expire this domain less than a year left, i.e., 7th February 2023. 
  • Trust Score – Very bad scoring found for this platform, only 1%. 
  • Owner Details – The site owner uses paid services on WHOIS to hide the details. 
  • Contact details – only an e-mail address is mentioned, which cannot be trusted, whether authentic or not. 
  • Astrotodo ReviewsWe cannot fetch the reviews from both sources, i.e., the official page and the trusted reviewing portals. 
  • Trust Index – it scores 0 out of 100, which makes it 100% suspicious. 
  • Threat & Phishing score – it got 99 out of 100, which is very bad. 
  • Alexa Ranking – Alexa either fails to give any ranking or has given 0 ranks. It is another factor making it highly suspicious. 

We cannot say the website is a legit platform from the above factors. Further, we can also say it is too early to finalize our decision to say yes or no to Is Astrotodo legit, before checking all details.

Know About the Website

This is an online ecommerce web portal that mainly deals in selling patio furniture, trampoline, swing sets, water parks, and tents. For each type, it has a diverse collection with great offers. This site also provides a cost-effective simplification shopping process. 

This portal helps make time-saving, latest technology, cost-effective, and quality products. As a result, many buyers can save a lot of time through one portal. 

Specific Details

  • Website Name –
  • Portal’s URL –
  • Email –
  • Office timings – 10 AM to 6 PM of GMT+8.
  • Phone Number – not given, which raises doubt: Is Astrotodo legit!
  • Owner’s name – hidden with paid services. 
  • Address details – not mentioned anywhere on the official page, 
  • Return policy – available with 100% money-back guarantee but need to first send e-mail to customer support along with all the order details and reason to return. 

Note – All the details are taken from the trusted website reviewing portals as the official page shows a DNS error.

Do you still want to invest in this portal? Then, let’s read further about the positive and negative highlights of the portal to check more on its legitimacy.  

Pros to check Is Astrotodo legit

  • Providing 100% money-back guarantee. 
  • HTTPS protocol detected, which ensures the customer’s data safety. 
  • SSL certificate found valid.
  • This portal provides various products under one roof. 
  • Easy sort and filter are given. 
  • Email Id is provided for customer support.

Cons for Astrotodo portal

  • Contact details and address are absent from the official webpage. 
  • The owner of this portal uses paid services to hide its details and name.
  • A high number of suspicious websites are linked on this server. 
  • The life expectancy of the domain is very short. 
  • This domain is also linked with a famous country for being fraudulent.

What are Astrotodo Reviews?

Reviews are considered an essential factor in making any website a legit one. But unfortunately, this portal lacks reviews from its buyers or existing customers. The other trusted reviewing portals also fail to provide any review for this platform. 

Hence, we can say this can be because of 2 reasons, as customers have not used this site or have not found it legit. Moreover, click here to know how to get your money back from PayPal Scams.

The Last Words

Our detailed case study found that the answer is no to the question: Is Astrotodo legit? As this website lacks many essential factors which make any website legit. Also, this website shows DNS errors most of the time. Therefore, you can find difficulty after placing the order. 

Hence, we suggest our readers order from trusted portals. Moreover, please share your thoughts with us for this article. Also, share your experience with online shopping via commenting below. In addition, click here to learn how to protect yourself from Credit Card Scams

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