Is Bellahroze Legit (May 2022) Get Detailed Reviews!

Bellahroze Online Website Reviews

Scroll down this article to learn about Is Bellahroze Legit or a scam by reading all the parameters in detail.

Suffering from Hair fall? Want clear dandruff from your scalp? While you are searching for herbal products, you found Bellahroze? So, if you decide to buy a product from this, just put a hold on it and read this article.

The website review that we conduct is to create awareness among people so that scammers may not scam you. Like all websites, we are thinking about doing authentic website reviews on Bellahroze.

This review will help those living in the United States of America and raise the question, Is Bellahroze Legit?

Factors that will tell is this website legit or a scam:

As we all know, nowadays, functional websites; main depend on a few parameters. To know if this website is a scam or legit, we need to understand its parameters. Then we can go to the conclusion part.

Scammers have become active, and they found these online search engines as their best tool to scam buyers. So, read the parameters of Bellahroze.

  • Domain working date: This domain has been working for the last 2 years, and it started working on 18th May 2020.
  • Customer reviews: We do not find any Bellahroze reviews on their website given by any customers.
  • Trust score: This website has achieved a trust score of more than 60 percent, making this website trustable to the customer.
  • Alexa Ranking: Unfortunately, we do not find any ranking of Alexa for this website till now.
  • Domain Expiry date: The domain of this website will expire next year.
  • Plagiarism: This website has provided a hundred percent unique content. They don’t copy from any other sources.
  • Social Media Handle: YES, this website has all the social media handles uploaded on their website home page, and we found lots of posts on their profiles.
  • Trust Index Score: Is Bellahroze Legit can be said because the trust index score is more than 78 percent.
  • Owner Info: No, we do not find any information about the owner on their website.
  • Contact Details: Yes, this website has provided all the necessary contact IDs to connect with them.

What is Bellahroze?

This website has been in the limelight because it sells hair care products at an attractive price. Right now, they are offering huge discounts on all of their products.

Still, people are having doubts and thinking, Is Bellahroze Legit? To get the answer, we need to check all the features of this website.


  • Domain name:
  • Alexa Ranking: This website does not have any Alexa ranking.
  • URL Link:
  • Email Support ID: Not uploaded on their website till today.
  • Contact Number: missing from their website.
  • Contact Form: Yes, they provided a contact form instead of details.
  • Payment: A lot of payment options are available.
  • Certification: Yes, they have implemented it on their website.
  • News Letter: Yes, you will find a newsletter on their website.

Is Bellahroze Legit can be answered by reading PROS and CONS:

PROS of Bellahroze:

  • This website has maintained a good shipping policy of 4 days.
  • HTTPS certification has been implemented on this website.
  • The social media handle of this website has provided every detail about them.

CONS of Bellahroze:

  • This website does not upload any contact details.
  • The pricing of their product is way higher than other websites.
  • The user interface of this website seems a bit complex, and it will be tough for new users.

Bellahroze Reviews:

As per our research, we found this domain has been active for more than two years. That is why we try to find customer reviews on their product page. Unfortunately, no customer has given a single review on this portal. 

That is why we looked for social media discussions, and we found mixed reviews on social media and popular websites that said this website is trustable. So, before you go to the next part, click here and read how to save your money from scams like PayPal.

Final Verdict:

Our research found enough evidence to say this website is legit and it is not a scam. Is Bellahroze Legit? Yes, the website has a good trust score, but people have given mixed reviews on their social media accounts. Moreover, click here to know the privacy policy If you want to buy anything from this portal, review it yourself and then buy it from it. Please share your views on how much you like our website reviews in our comment box. Also, learn the ways of saving money from credit card scams

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