Is Boomstek Legit {May 2022} Know The Entire Review Here!

Boomstek Online Website Reviews

The write-up contains authentic data about the website details and established authenticity tests. Scroll down to check Is Boomstek Legit or not.

Are you seeking a legit e-store? Everything from a needle to a jet can now be found on online marketplaces. Users do not need to go from place to place looking for what they want because the internet site has many possibilities for different goods.

According to the informant, this site named Boomstek has been operational throughout Canada. Individuals desire to know more about the site before purchasing anything from it. Since fraudsters are active already to confuse new customers, keep reading to learn Is Boomstek Legit or not.

Is a Scam?

When analyzing the platform’s credibility, we should remember a few factors that make a website operate. Fraudsters have started utilizing those characteristics to mislead other users. Because of this, we’ve compiled a checklist that you should all review to establish a website’s validity.

  • Portal Age – The portal got created on 04th May 2022, implying that the website is around 12 days old.
  • Trust Score – We examine the approval rate even though evaluations have been obtained on this platform. This site has a 2 percent trust rating. 
  • Testimonials – We were unable to locate any Boomstek Reviews on this portal.
  • Owner data – On none of their sites they have disclosed any ownership proof.
  • Official Location – Sadly, we only uncovered the email address on their contact form.
  • Plagiarized Content – They haven’t submitted all of the original content, and the webpage has no unique content.
  • Alexa Score – The website has a low Alexa rank due to its lack of popularity.
  • Social Networking sites – No online networking accounts have been given.

A few more crucial information would be crucial in assessing the site’s validity. Let’s look at its features to check Is Boomstek Legit or not.

What is is an e-store offering multiple goods like women’s dresses, belts, drainage goods, leather shoes and many more likewise goods to the people of Canada. They primarily aim to enhance store traffic by providing attractive discounts. The product’s design is highly appealing as per the price and quality, and also buyers can track their order in the portal. 

Individuals still have doubts about its validity after performing these activities. It is a suspicious site for various factors; however, if you have any questions about its authenticity, check this blog till the end to check Is Boomstek Legit or not.

Specifications of

This section contains all of the site’s fundamental features. Because many hoax webpages are posted on the internet these days, all relevant data is provided to examine the site’s true objectives. Furthermore, to eliminate such fake websites, it is necessary to investigate all, as fraudulent sites utilize forged data and a variety of tactics and techniques to carry out illicit operations.

  • Domain Creation Date – 04th May 2022,
  • Portal URL –
  • Email Account –
  • Mobile Number – Absent
  • Official Address – Lacking
  • Social Media Platforms – Absent
  • Payment Options – VISA, Paypal and more
  • Return Guidelines – Within 14 days
  • Refund Guidelines – Present

Pros to Clarify Is Boomstek Legit

  • There are special offers offered.
  • The HTTPS protocol is used to secure the webpage.
  • The Url & Portal titles are the same.
  • This webpage’s return policies are also satisfactory.
  • At checkout, you can choose from a variety of payment options.

Cons of buying from:

  • There is no data present on the owner.
  • The site’s telephone number is unavailable.
  • On many platforms, it has received no feedback.
  • There are no active social media profiles on the website.
  • Navigation to product pages has an unattractive interface.

Boomstek Reviews 

User feedback is crucial in determining the validity of a site. We couldn’t locate any evaluations, rankings, or opinions about this site or its items on any web platform. Including their social networking site, there seems to be no evidence of customers purchasing their stuff. 

As a result, additional consideration is required before purchasing anything from this site. This shop’s address and mobile number are not listed. The owner’s information is also kept secret. As a result, the greatest advice is to wait for some time for its reviews as it is a new portal. Get to know valuable information about PayPal scams.


Is Boomstek Legit? The website offering dresses and belts are a possible hoax with a low trust rating and an increased threat rating. It also lacks any feedback or social media connections on the web. Learn how to get a refund via credit card.

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