Is Bouncing Angels Legit {June} Check Detailed Reviews!

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Have you heard about the online shopping portal Bouncing Angels? Do you want to know about the details of this shopping portal? In this article, we will give you detailed information about this portal.

Bouncing Angels is an online shopping portal in the United States. This company is the manufacturer of inflatable, moonwalks and bouncers. In this article, we will see the reviews of Bouncing Angels and find out the company’s authenticity by researching Is Bouncing Angels Legit or not.

Is Bouncing Angels An Original Portal?

  • Portal’s Creation Date: This site started its journey on 29th September 2003. Therefore we can notice that this site is an old one.
  • Portal’s Expiration Date: The domain will finish work on 29th September 2023.
  • Alexa ranking: Although this site is older, it does not have a good rank in Alexa. In Alexa ranking, it ranks 1974136.
  • Trust score: When we try to find out the rating in this arena of the website, we see that this site gets a good rating in this arena. It scores 86 out of 100.
  • Bouncing Angels ReviewsWe got reviews of this site where the rating of this company is 4.5/5. 
  • About The Owner: All the information related to the owner is completely secured with WHOIS.
  • Address To Contact: We have the address for this site on its site. 9242 Hyssop Dr, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730, USA

Note: The information given in the above paragraph is after thorough research from the trustable site. To prove this site authentic, we have to focus on more details. After getting full information on the site, we could decide Is Bouncing Angels Legit or not.

About Bouncing Angels

On the website of Bouncing Angels, we get varieties of products. Bouncing Angels are the manufacturer of the products sold on their site. The selling products are:

  • Various types of Jumpers include
  • Emerald Cave
  • Deluxe Castle 13ft
  • Rainbow castle
  • Bounce House For Wedding(White)
  • Strawberry Jumper
  • Dinosaur Jumper
  • Princess Jumper 13ft
  • Medieval Jumper 13ft
  • Different Pattern For Dry Slides 
  • Slide 16ft
  • Slide-In Triple Lane 24ft
  • Slide-In Dual Lane 20 ft
  • Slide-In Winter Cabin 31ft
  • Dolphin Slide 18ft

Some more products are given below while researching on Is Bouncing Angels Legit

  • Water Slides In Different Patterns
  • Tsunami Waterslide 22ft
  • Tropical Paradise 22ft
  • Wild Thing 18ft
  • Dolphin Splash 18ft
  • Different games
  • Foosball
  • Criss Cross Basketball
  • Duck Hunt
  • The Vault
  • Lumberjack Throw
  • Interactives Product
  • Let us check some more specific details about Bouncing Angels.
  • Type Of The Portal: It is an online shopping platform
  • Portal Address:  
  • Ph NO:  There are two numbers given on the site. One is a toll-free number (866)558-6737. There is another number (626)969-5533             
  • Fax: (626) 969-5854                                                               

Connection With Social Networking Sites: On its site, it has been said that anyone can follow this site on Instagram.

Pros To Understand Is Bouncing Angels Legit

  • This site deals with unique and fun-related products that can be a positive aspect of it.
  • All the information shared with this site is secured as the protocol for HTTP is on the site.
  • The Trust score is 86% which is quite high compared to the other sites.
  • This site started in 2003. So it has been in the market for a long time. That is a positive design.


  • The rank in Alexa is high for the site.
  • Though there is a phone no and Fax no, emails play an important role in contact. So the absence of an email address is also a disadvantage for the site.

Bouncing Angels Reviews  

The company’s rating is high, 4.5 out of 5 and the customers are overwhelmed with the site. While looking at the reviews, we find out that customers are happy with the product as well as the services provided by the customers. 

Customers also praise this site for its reasonable price. Though some people write about the disappointments they experienced regarding this site, their number is too low. After reading the reviews, we can say that it is a trustable platform. Refer to this to know how to get your money back from PayPal Scams.

Final Verdict

After researching Is Bouncing Angels Legit, we are pretty convinced about its provided services to the customers. However, a few negative comments are there for this site too. But it is natural for anything. Even a very good product also has negative feedback. Therefore, those interested in investing in this site can go for it. 

What do you think about this site? Please share your view below. Check this article to learn how to protect yourself from Credit Card Scams, and to know more about inflatables, by clicking here. 

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