Is Brewestic Legit {May} Explore The Website Reviews!

Brewestic Online Website Reviews

Our trusted data and information will present you with a basic idea about the virtual store and discuss the matter, Is Brewestic Legit or scam. 

Do you like to buy a coffee maker machine? A famous online company is offering coffee machines in the United States. Many people are using this virtual store in Canada. The name of the company is Brewestic. But are you sure about the legitimacy of the company? 

Do you understand the terms and conditions the company is contributing to the customers? We will find out the details about the company. We also check Is Brewestic Legit or not? Let’s find out the truth through these steps and know the company’s very salient points.

Is This Site Trusted?

  • Domain Creation-The domain was initiated on 24 April 2022. 
  • Expiry Date of the Domain: The website will expire on 24 April 2023. The domain will expire within one year.
  • The Trust Score: The website gets a 2 percent trust score. It’s a very trustworthy score.
  • Official Address– We don’t find any official address on the official website. 
  • Score of Trust– The website has a 28.5 percent index trust score.
  • Creator(s) Details: We have got a complete report about the website owner.
  • Brewestic Reviews – We don’t find any customer feedback on the website. 
  • The Score of Popularity: The virtual store has a 1729620 popularity score. It is an abysmal score.
  • Score of Phishing: The website contains a 64 percent score. 
  • The Factors of Threat: The website threat score is 64 out of 100.  

We have checked the above points to know about the website. But it is also accurate; by these factors, we don’t understand or make a conclusion if the website is legitimized or not. We need to search for more information to find out – Is Brewestic Legit or a Scam? 

Do You Have Any Idea about the Brewestic Website?

Brewestic is an online store that offers coffee machines. If you like to make coffee instantly, you can buy a coffee machine from this online store. The online store offers “BrewMeastro Coffee Maker”. The cost of this maker is around 49.99 USD. 

The company also provides “Brewster Brew Pod”, which costs approximately 21.99 USD. We need to find out other valid information about the online store. 

The Website Name- Brewestic 

  • URL-
  • Official Email- The Email id –
  • Phone Number-Not a single phone number is available on the website. Is Brewestic Legit question is raised for this.  
  • Founder(s) Name- The owner’s name is identified. 
  • Postal Address- Not available on the site. 
  • Return Methods- 30 Calendar days return policy. 

Note: all the data is gathered from useful internet sources. 

Are you sure about the virtual store, and do you have all the correct information about the website? As per our above discussion, we don’t have all the accurate details on the website. We need to find out more details on the website as per our knowledge. Besides this, we also find out some positive and negative data on the website. 

Is Brewestic Legit – The Positive Points? 

  1. The online store offers two items at an affordable rate. 
  2. The website has valid HTTPS. 
  3. The website has a good return policy. 
  4. The online store provides coffee mugs to buyers. 

The Negative Views of the Online Store

  1. The store was created just one month and six days back. So, it is very new in the trading world. 
  2. We detected 19 percent fraud numbers out of 100. 
  3. The malware score of the website is 50 percent out of 100. 
  4. The suspicious score is around 46 percent out of 100. 

What are Brewestic Reviews

First of all, on the official website, there are no reviews mentioned. It is regrettable that nowadays, the official website has no proper customer reviews. Secondly, we also try to determine the customer’s judgment on the other internet sources. 

But again, we don’t find any single thought about the website or its products. For this reason, we think we need to do more research to find out the proper customer feedback about the virtual store. Besides this, you can check– How to Return Back Your Money from Paypal Fraud? 


The above information tries to find the answer – Is Brewestic Legit or not. We check all the website’s valid details and validate all the data. But unfortunately, our conclusion is that the virtual store doesn’t present accurate and trusted data to the buyers. It also indicates uncanny fixtures about the online store. 

So, you should check prefer legit ecommerce sites for your online purchase. Would you like to share about online shopping methods and experiences as an online buyer? Please comment below. You can also readThe Basic Protocols to Stop Credit Card Fraud. 

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