Is Canadamasq Legit (Feb) Read Detailed Website Reviews

Canadamasq Online Website Reviews

In this article, the details are revealed about an e-commerce portal that deals in medical masks, and it holds answers to Is Canadamasq Legit at all or not. 

Is there anyone who has not been affected by the prevailing pandemic? This pandemic has cursed the whole world and affected every single human being. After so much research and contemplation by the experts. The fact has emerged that the most effective way to survive this disease is a precaution. 

Whether in Canada or the United States, the mask is an inevitable component to protect yourself. Today we will reveal the answers of Is Canadamasq Legit to provide best quality masks?

Association With a Scam

The importance of a good quality mask need not be reminded to anyone. So, while buying a mask, we must be cautious and alert to the ultimate extent.

  • Owners’ Identity: Canada Masq Corporation is the owner company of the site
  • Domain Registration: the domain was registered on 29-05-2020
  • Website’s Age: More than 1 year and 6 months
  • Originality: The website contains a huge amount of plagiarized content
  • Website’s Trust Score: 27%
  • Transaction Modes: Only cards and PayPal are accepted
  • Customers’ Reviews: Most of the Canadamasq Reviews are negative
  • Address Traceability: As per Google Maps, the address indeed belongs to the company
  • Ways to Contact: Both email and phone number is available
  • Rank: 1,641,213
  • Policies: Policies have clear details
  • Social Media Accounts: The website is active on social media

Though the domain name is quite old, its negative reputation suggests that the site is not legit.

Introduction to the Website is the official e-commerce portal of the Canada Masq Corporation. It is focused on selling different kinds of medical masks which are made in Canada. However, during our research regarding Is Canadamasq Legit, we learned that the website only accepts orders worth more than $100, and it only serves in Canada.

The website has stocks of different surgical masks and CA-N95 masks, which are available in a set of a few pieces. However, the prices are more or less reasonable.

Specifications of the Website

  • Get Your Masks Here: 
  • Office Address: 4-10 Brodie, Dr. Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3K8, Canada
  • Phone Number: (647) 948-8158
  • Email Address: 
  • Operation Hours: There is no mention of it
  • International Orders: The website currently do not accept any international orders
  • Delivery Costs: Variable as per order amount 
  • Canadamasq Reviews: There are very few reviews available
  • Shipping Policy: apart from delivery, a pick-up option is available for eligible buyers
  • Delivery Hours: Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 4:45 pm
  • Pick-up Terms: Call before 30 mins of pick-up
  • Free Shipping: Contradictory data is found
  • Payment Options: Here, transactions are possible through PayPal and cards
  • Discount Offer: A 25% discount is available on bulk orders
  • Return Policy: Return period is valid till 14 days after purchase
  • Return Charges: Return shipping costs are on the customers
  • Refund Details: The unavailability of a 100% refund makes us ask Is Canadamasq Legit?
  • Exchange Condition: Exchange is only available for defective or damaged items
  • Cancellation Details: There is no data regarding it
  • Social Media Presence: The website is present on all social media platforms

Summary of Advantages

  • An option for discount is available
  • 14 day return period is available
  • Prices are reasonable
  • Products are available in different colours

Summary of Disadvantages

  • Exchange is only possible for defective items
  • 100% refund is not possible as shipping charges are non-refundable
  • The cancellation policy is missing
  • Negative reviews are seen
  • Details Free shipping is confusing
  • Buyers have to bear return shipping fees

What Are the Buyers Think – Is Canadamasq Legit?

While checking for the opinions of the buyers, we faced real difficulty. There is no opportunity on the official website for the customers to leave their comments. So, as per our suggestion, it will be safer to learn Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scam before visiting the site.

There are only a few reviews found on the official Facebook page of the site, and most of them express the buyers’ grievances regarding the service of this website. But if you are still interested in this website, you can check the social media platform to acquire more information

Final Thoughts

The answers to Is Canadamasq Legit or not give a clear picture of the site’s characteristics. Therefore, we don’t see any valid reason to trust the website. We would also like to suggest that you know how to Get Your Money Back From PayPal if Scammed and kindly share your opinion about our article in the comments below.

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