Is Golde By Leila Legit {April 2022} Read Reviews Here!

Golde by Leila Online Website Reviews

Is Golde by Leila Legit? The store sells elegant modern jewellery with an instalment paying system, but is the site trustable? Please read & know about it.

Do you love simple, contemporary jewellery? Contemporary jewellery is now in-trend because of its unique and simple yet elegant design, as well as it can also be teamed up with western dresses and ethnic wear.

Today we are giving store details, retailing contemporary jewellery online with a sensible price tag. The store name is ‘Golde by Leila,’ marketing their products in Australia. But, Is Golde by Leila Legit? Which means, is the shop’s service is as good and authentic as they are telling? To know that read the below blog.

Determination of the Golde by Leila store’s authenticity:

With modernized technology, everything has become easy, especially shopping. You don’t need to visit brick & mortar stores to buy something as the booming e-commerce industry is making everything available online. But before using any website as a new user, you have to check the authenticity to avoid risks. Here is the important data about this store.

  • Address Authenticity: The company location is not available.
  • Feedback: No Golde by Leila Reviews.
  • Trust Score: The ratings are 8%
  • Domain Name: ‘’ is its domain name.
  • Date of Enlistment: The date of enlistment is 21st May 2021.
  • Missing Data: Number, address, cancellation process.
  • Broken Links: Unavailable.
  • Skipped Pages: 2 pages.
  • Paying Processes: Several processes.
  • Community Channels: Instagram link is present.
  • Operators Details: The company name is hidden.
  • Plagiarism: 66% of data has similarities, while 13% of content has duplicate data.

Therefore, the site’s been present too long and has little authority, which is not satisfactory. Let’s together know more about this shop.

What is the Golde by Leila store?

Checking whether Is Golde by Leila Legit or not, our team has noticed that this seller only retails contemporary jewellery online. You can fetch lightweight, elegant pendant sets, earrings, bracelets, etc. There is a ‘Shop’ section where you get all product collections; along with this, you get the filter section, where you can sort the jewellery with the ‘Best Seller’ filter and more.

A vast description is given to the jewellery page; however, we couldn’t find any colour options. Additionally, the site has an instalment system with a one-time payment option. The instalment option can be availed with ‘Afterpay’ payment options.

Following the Golde by Leila Reviews, Specifications of this e-shop:

  • Email Address:
  • URL:
  • Phone Number: Only the live chatting option is given.
  • Physical Address: Not available.
  • Cancelling Process: The data is absent.
  • Feedback: Zero Reviews were found.
  • Shipping Process: Following the policy, the delivery process takes three days with the carrier ‘AustraliaPost.’
  • Fees Details: No fixed fee is given. Hence, shoppers can only know it while checking out time.
  • Refund Details: No information is written. But the authority mentioned that you would be notified about this matter.
  •    Is Golde by Leila Legit: It is difficult to say.
  • Return Procedure: If you wish to return the jewellery, you have to contact the seller via email ID as soon as possible.
  • Exchange Process: The information is absent. You only know about it when you contact the seller.
  • Payment Modes: JCB, Amex, PayPal, Visa, Apple Pay, G Pay, Master Card, etc.


  • The store gives an instalment paying mode for their products.
  • Multiple payout systems.
  • It has an SSL certificate.


  • The remarks are unavailable.
  • The community channel link is broken.
  • Trust rank is shallow.
  • The cancellation policy is absent.
  • Number and location details are unavailable.

Is Golde by Leila Legit– What do consumers’ reactions?

The site’s been active for about 1 year; however, no product received any feedback till that time. There are no reviews on search engines, except for some review blogs and videos. Those videos say the site’s credit is low.

Plus, it has an Instagram link however, when we opened that link, it took us to a page that was not available on that platform. That means it has an account on Instagram, but now it is unavailable. Also, know the effective methods to receive refunds from PayPal.

Final Verdict:

Is Golde by Leila Legit? The age is old, but its trust rank is shallow, with no remarks and broken social channels. Plus, no address or phone number is given. So it seems suspicious. Moreover, read the new step to get refunds on credit cards. Additionally, refer to top best jewellery brand  

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