Is Headhe Legit {July 2022} Detailed Website Reviews!

Headhe Online Website Reviews

This article has covered all the Legit details regarding the head website and its product assisting the statement, Is Headhe Legit or not.

Are you looking for the best hot summer sale online? Then we have got you covered. Head has introduced a wide range of kitchenware and car Collection on their website. They provide stylish, newest items that you will love to use in your kitchen and your cars at a reasonable price and high quality in the United States.

Head promised she would provide a dedicated service of professional services along with high-quality and low costing products. Read the article below to assess, Is Headhe Legit or not

Is it a trusted online site?

  • Domain expiration: This site’s domain will expire on June 4th, 2023. 
  • The domain creation date: It has been less than six months since the Owner created the domain. The date of creation is 4th June 2022. 
  • The popularity of the head: the status of this profile and its popularity worldwide is not much. The reason is that this domain has been newly created
  • Trust score: this website has a poor trust score. The trust score is 2%, according to legit online 
  • Social media Handles: this website does not promote itself on any social media platforms or through advertisements.

Is Headhe Legit? About the website

The head website sells various kitchenware and car accessories: the chicken and meat shredder, vacuum food cover, the food preservation tray, the pocket holder handbag, card drawing towel which is super absorbent, a Car scrapper, and many more. 

These online stores distribute all over the United States at very low prices and exciting discounts.

Know the specifications of this website

  • The domain name of this site: This site has been registered under the domain name of the domain administrator
  • The official page of this site: the official page of this site is headed com.
  • Read further to know Headhe Reviews,
  • The physical address of the organization: The physical address of the firm has been detailed on the website as the first floor, 81 to 83 G rivers digenic Ave, Nicoelsea, 1090, Cypress.
  • The contact number: your contact number provided is HEC 421854. This number is not legit
  • The contact e-mail ID: the e-mail ID provided for this site through online details is also not legit.
  • The shipping and delivery services: this site guarantees a secure and safe check out and guarantees shipment on all orders. They have assigned A1 to three days of payment and delivery processing. The order shipped and arrived within 14 days of order placement. 

Is Headhe Legit?

  • Though return policies of the site: This site also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. The client is eligible for a full refund if the product does not arise before 30 days of order placement.
  • The online payment modes of the website: This site accepts offers through Visa, Paypal, Discover, and MasterCard, as well as through debit cards and credit cards.

These details specify the information about this site and its policies. This information is not enough to judge whether this site is reliable for online purchases or not. Hence to analyze Headhe Reviews, we may look forward to the positive and negative highlights while shopping on this site.

The positive highlights

  • This website is approved by HTTPS protocol. HTTPS protocol does not always mean that the site is secure.
  • This site offers an amazing deal on kitchenware and car accessories at reasonable prices
  • This site offers amazing discounts worth more than $15.
  • The negative highlights
  • The contact details provided on the site are not legit.
  • The trust score of this website is less than 2% which is a very poor rate.
  • This site is not on any social media platform

Know Headhe Reviews in detail

According to our research and sources, online feedback on this website is not appreciable. The contact details are not legit, including the contact address, e-mail address, and contact number. This website’s trust rate is very poor, giving it a red flag.

Hence we suggest you not invest in this website before visiting and confirming through legit online reviews. Moreover, click here to discover tricks and tips to help you see yourself from PayPal scams.

Final verdict

The head website claims to be one of the most promising, high-quality, and professional service providers. But the details extracted about this site are negative, so we can say “No” to the question: Is Headhe Legit?

Therefore, click here for a legit online shopping portal. Have you ever been a victim of online conning? Please comment. Further, click here to know how to safeguard from Credit Card Scams

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