Is Hihstore Legit {June 2022} A Comprehensive Review!

Hihstore Online Website Reviews

Please peruse this write-up to answer your question Is Hihstore Legit apropos a recently established online platform selling clothing items and footwear.

Is putting on branded footwear one of your fashion prerequisites? Would you like to buy some comfortable t-shirts this summer? Do you have an infant at home and want to shop for the little one’s clothes? If yes, you have arrived at the right place. 

Today’s article has discussed researched facts establishing how authentic a new portal is. Buyers from various parts of the globe, especially the United States, wish to collect information regarding this store. Thus, please read on to confirm Is Hihstore Legit.

Is Hihstore Reliable? 

We have assorted some particulars for your reference in this section to throw light upon this store’s legitimacy. 

  • Age of Platform – The oldness of this portal is just over a fortnight. Its establishment date is 13 June 2022.
  • Trust Index of Website – 1%, a Very Bad Trust Score. 
  • Social Media Connections – The home page’s top-right corner contains badges of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. However, none of these icons are functional and rather open the user’s account or login page. Hence, social media linking is false and absent.
  • Hihstore ReviewsThe team has not designed any section to write the purchase feedback.
  • The Vagueness of Contact Information – The contact address is pinned to a shopping center’s location, which does not establish the store’s presence. Also, the e-mail id does not match this portal’s domain. Furthermore, there is no telephone number to call the team.
  • Browsing Difficulty – The designers have neither included the sorting-filtering techniques nor categorized the goods. 
  • The Absenteeism of Policies – The Terms of Service, return policy, and refund timelines are not stated.

It is clear from the above points that this website may be suspicious. Nevertheless, it may not be right to pass a judgment regarding Is Hihstore Legit now because of its recentness.

What is Hihstore?

Hihstore is a virtual platform for shopping for clothing items and branded footwear. The garments include t-shirts, socks, and even infant clothing sets. Some branded sneakers that this store sells belong to Adidas, Air Jordan, etc. The team has not categorized the items, so there may be more niches of this website that remain unknown. 


  • Platform Type – A virtual shopping store that offers clothing and footwear.
  • Address of Website –
  • Telephone Number – Not provided.
  • Physical Address – Delaware Square Shopping Center, Delaware, OH-43015, United States 
  • E-mail Address – It does not have the website’s domain, intensifying one’s doubts of Is Hihstore Legit.
  • Social Media Linking – Not provided.
  • Sorting and Filtering Methods – Both are missing.
  • Terms of Service – Unavailable
  • Privacy Policy – Present
  • Shipping Details – The shipping time is seven to nine days, with free shipping for orders greater than $35.
  • Details Concerning Returns and Refunds – The developers have not mentioned the return or refund timeframe. 
  • Payment Channels – Credit card payment via Visa, JCB, and MasterCard apart from PayPal.
  • Price of Products – Shown in USD.


  • The team has provided elaborate descriptions of the goods. 
  • The sneakers in this platform have eye-catching patterns, which the present generation may love to own.

Cons Discussing Is Hihstore Legit

  • There are no payment badges on the landing page. Users have to reach the checkout page to learn what payment methods the team accepts. 
  • The owners pinned the location of a shopping center on the Contact Us page. However, it is not verified if this website has an office or factory in this shopping mall.
  • Significant specifications, like the Terms of Service, time to refund, etc., are absent on this platform.
  • Customers may not find it easy to explore the items as it does not have categorization, filtering, and sorting of the items.
  • This website is just a fortnight old.

Hihstore Reviews

Notable feedback forums have not discussed this website yet, which we expected owing to the recency of this store. Thus, shoppers may not have been able to trust this portal for its dubious points. Furthermore, the designers are yet to incorporate the reviewing section on this website. So, there is no way to learn what customers think about this portal. Hence, we recommend you be aware of how to Get Your Money Back from Paypal if scammed on today’s discussed platform.


The gathered details about this platform make it appear dubious. Nonetheless, declaring Is Hihstore Legit may be early because this website is new. Thus, we suggest you peruse How to Get a Full Refund on credit card scam. Additionally, you may like to read about selecting an infant’s dress

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