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Please read this composition to answer your question Is Instastyled Legit regarding a new online store selling fashion clothing and accessories for women.

Do you want to look your best at an upcoming party? Are you looking for stunning and stylish garments to wear on occasion? Do you also want to shop for trendy accessories? Then, please read this write-up to get all the necessary details.

We have talked about a new online fashion store in today’s composition. Customers from many countries, especially the United States and Canada, want to know more about this portal. Thus, please continue reading to answer your question Is Instastyled Legit

Is Instastyled Genuine?

We have mentioned some facts about this website that we researched over the Web. After reading these details, you can better understand this platform’s legitimacy.

  • Website Age – This website is only four months old, as its creation date is 1st  December 2021.
  • Website Trust Score – 2 %, which can be grouped as a Very Bad Trust Index.
  • Ranking in Alexa – 328,303, which is an average rank. It indicates that despite its newness, a considerable number of shoppers have explored this website.
  • Customer Reviews – We found customer reviews for some products on this website. However, the older Instastyled Reviews have the dates before the website’s creation. For instance, one of the review dates is 5 July 2019, way before December 2021. Thus, it raises doubts about the authenticity of these reviews.
  • Social Media Connection – The website has connections with its social media handles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. 
  • The Genuineness of Contact Information – The contact address on this website is listed for lease as per the Net. Also, there is no evidence that the location corresponds to the website’s owners. Furthermore, the telephone number is linked to many other online stores.

The above details provide mixed opinions about this website. Yet, we cannot declare Is Instastyled Legit as it is recently launched. 

What is Instastyled?

Instastyled is an online electronic commerce platform that sells women’s fashion garments. The products include dresses, tops, jeans, blazers, jackets, etc. In addition, the platform also sells accessories like hats, scarfs, necklaces, earrings, handbags, etc.


  • Website Type – An online e-commerce website that provides clothing and accessories for women.
  • Website Address –
  • Physical Address – 500, Kennedy Drive, Sayreville, NJ-08872, United States Phone Number – 860 2458856
  • E-mail Id –
  • Sorting and Filtering Methods – Present
  • Social Media Connection – Available .It might influence your thoughts regarding Is Instastyled Legit
  • Shipping Information – Standard delivery time takes eight to fourteen days. Shoppers can get free shipping for orders more than $80, below which the shipment charges are $5.97.
  • Return and Refunds Details – Customers can return the products within thirty days of receipt. The team can take around forty-four days to process the refund.
  • Product Price – Given in USD.
  • Terms of Service – Mentioned
  • Privacy Policy – Present
  • Payment Methods – PayPal, Apple Pay, and debit or credit cards of American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.


  • The developers have mentioned all necessary points in the returns section.
  • The website’s collection has many designs and patterns.

Cons confirming Is Instastyled Legit

  • According to our research on the Internet, the contact address does not belong to this website. Instead, the property’s owners have listed it for lease since 21 January 2020, with no other sale records.
  • The general photographs have the complete appearance of the models, but the product images do not reveal the faces. It may be because the designers have copied the product photographs from another site.
  • Some of the customer reviews’ dates are from 2019. On the contrary, the website’s creation date was in 2021. Therefore, customers cannot be sure about the feedback’s authenticity. 
  • The website is too new to rely upon. 

Instastyled Reviews

Significant reviewing platforms have not cited this website. Therefore, it is evident that customers could not trust this portal. Thus, they are yet to buy its products and review them. Although we found many customer reviews on the subject website, most of which are positive. However, some reviewing dates are before the designers created this website. Hence, these reviews seem biased and made up, and we cannot trust them entirely. Consequently, we request readers know the Easy and Simple methods of refund from PayPal to protect their money.


Our researched information depicts mixed feedback about this platform. Nevertheless, we cannot state Is Instastyled Legit as it is recently launched. Thus, please know How to Get a Refund on credit card if scammed online. Moreover, you may like to learn about earrings and their types. 

What do you feel? Is this website reliable? Please share your views below.

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