Is Jordanofficial Legit {June} Read Detailed Reviews!

Jordanofficial Online Website Reviews

This article is an ultimate guideline for the readers to know about Is Jordanofficial Legit. It will inform them about the website purchase.

Are you a sneakerhead? Do you love to shop for branded shoes and sneakers online? Then you must have seen a United kingdom trending website selling all kinds of Air Jordan sneakers and other shoes.

Jordan official is a website that has an online store for different kinds of shoes and sneakers in one place. It gives exciting offers on Jordan shoes, but people are interested in Is Jordanofficial LegitLet’s find out.

Is Jordanofficial genuine or not?

  • Creation date- 09/05/2022 (too recent)
  • Expiration date- 09/05/2023 (nearly 1 year left)
  • Owner details- It is hidden with WHOIS.
  • Trust index- It has scored 1% on the index, which is very low.
  • Trust score- It has scored 1% out of 100 on the chart, which is too poor.
  • Website’s blacklist status- Not detected by any blacklist engine
  • Website rank- It has scored 14.6 on the scale, marked as suspicious.
  • Threat profile- It has scored 77 out of 100, a high threat score.
  • Jordanofficial Reviews– There are no reviews on the official website and negative reviews on trust websites.
  • Security- Secured HTTPS protocol detected.
  • Social media handles- They are present on Instagram and WhatsApp. Less active.
  • Contact details- They have inactive contact details and partially authentic addresses.
  • Spam score- It has scored 77 out of 100, marked as a high spam score.
  • Proximity to the suspicious website- It has scored 24 out of 100, which is a pretty suspicious rate.
  • Phishing score- It has scored 68 out of 100, a high score.

Detailed analysis answers Is Jordanofficial Legit as No.

About the website- Jordanofficial. Co

Jordan official is a website that deals in Air Jordan sneakers, a branch of Nike, a famous authentic shoe brand. They have a collection of daily wear sneakers to sports sneakers. This website gives immense options with heavy discounts on shoes. 

They give customers a sense of assurance that they will get the original at a very reasonable price. However, they do not have any review section that will provide any other consumer’s opinion to help other people out. 

Is Jordanofficial Legit?- Specific details-

  • Website name-
  • Contact number- +44736162883
  • Email ID-
  • Address – Not found.
  • Cost price- It is mentioned in Pounds.
  • Return and Refund Policy- You can return your products within 7 days in unused condition.
  • Payment methods- They accept VISA, Mastercard, and American express.
  • Shipping policy- They have different working days varying from 7-25 days. They are not shipping products to China and North Korea.
  • Privacy Policy – They collect personal data for source sharing and cookies.
  • Tracking- Option available

This detailed analysis answers negatively Is Jordanofficial Legit.

Pros of the website-

  • Secure connection detected.
  • Have online shopping options.
  • Valid SSL certificate found.

Cons of the website-

  • The owner’s identity is hidden with WHOIS.
  • It does not have a review section.
  • Alexa rank is very low.
  • The website is not popular.
  • This website contains some other low-reviewed website links.
  • The domain is too young.
  • Some negative reviews have been collected from different trusted sites.
  • Inactive social media handles.
  • False and incomplete address.
  • The website popularity rate is suspicious.
  • They have low scoring in trusted algorithms.

Jordanofficial Reviews

This website lacks a review section, and there is no rating section near any product that can help a consumer choose or reject the product. Unfortunately, there are no reviews for the guidance on the official website, but we can find some very negative reviews about the website on other trusted reviewal pages.

Also, the absence of any address raises a suspicion. A lack of supply sources can raise a question about the site’s authenticity. Further, click here to know more about protection from PayPal scams.


Is Jordanofficial LegitThe answer is no. This website deals in Air Jordan speakers that are far more costly than they are selling it online. Lack of resource availability raises a potential threat and suspicion over this site. 

Nike is a well-known brand that cannot mishandle its outlets like this with a less trust scoring site. What are your opinions for this portal? Please comment. If you wish to buy the same products, click here to make a purchase. Moreover, click here to know the protection techniques from credit card scams.

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