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Keebig Online Website Reviews

Please go through this article to answer your query, Is Keebig Legit concerning a recently launched online store that provides winter wear for men and women.

Is your closet ready to face the current chills? Have you purchased warm winter wear, or are you still shopping for them? Do you want to buy gloves and heated jackets to stay comfortable? Then, please read this write-up to know about a portal dealing with these products.

In this composition, we have covered facts about a recent online store. Customers from several countries, especially the United States, want to know about is authenticity. Thus, please read till the end to find out Is Keebig Legit.

Is Keebig Trustworthy?

The following points will give you an insight into the website’s legitimacy. After reading this section, you will be surer whether or not to indulge in this portal.

  • Website Trust Score – 60%, which can be classified as a Mediocre Trust Index.
  • Website Age – Four months only. The creation date of the portal is 17 September 2021.
  • Alexa Rank – 2,806,081, which is an unsatisfactory ranking. This figure shows that very few people have shown interest in this platform since its launch.
  • Reviews of Customers – The portal lacks a section where customers can share the Keebig Reviews about their purchase. 
  • Social Media Connections – There is no linking of this website to social media forums.
  • Contact Details – The contact address mentioned on the website does not seem to belong to the portal. The Internet shows this to be a residential plot. However, customers can contact the team via the available contact number and e-mail address. 
  • The Originality of Content – The Privacy Policy contains words like Add and Insert. It indicates that the designers have copied the wordings from some template and missed editing it.

The points above indicate that this website may be suspicious. Nonetheless, we cannot declare Is Keebig Legit as it is newly launched.

What is Keebig?

Keebig is an online e-commerce store that provides winter wear for men and women. The items include gloves, heated jackets, vests, coats, socks, etc. Furthermore, the platform also sells leather handbags for women.


  • Portal Type – An online electronic commerce website that sells winter wear like jackets, gloves, coats, etc.
  • Portal Address –
  • Physical Address – 1392, Boston Rd, 5D Bronx, NY-10456, United States
  • Contact Number – 929 431 3440
  • E-mail Address –
  • Sorting and Filtering Options – Absent
  • Social Media Linking – Absent (This is an essential point to confirm Is Keebig Legit). 
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Service – Present
  • Shipping Details – The transit time for shipments is six to ten business days. Free shipping is applicable on all orders. 
  • Return and Refund Information – Shoppers should inform the customer care about returning within fourteen days of delivery. The time taken to refund is not mentioned.
  • Price of Products – Mentioned in USD.
  • Payment Options – PayPal, Apple Pay, credit and debit cards of American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. 


  • The designers have provided explicit product descriptions with illustrations.
  • The Terms of Use are legally adequate.
  • Website is SSL secured.

Disadvantages Concerning Is Keebig Legit

  • The categories menu on the top of the page does not contain handbags, in spite of the website dealing with these.
  • The website lacks social media connections. Nowadays, the presence of social media is a crucial parameter. Thus, its absence raises concerns about this portal’s legality.
  • Customers cannot rely on this website as it lacks customer reviews and is newly launched.
  • The Privacy Policy contains words like Insert and Add throughout. It shows that the website’s developers have copied and pasted the content from some source.
  • The contact address belongs to a residential area. It does not look like the website’s warehouse or office as per the Net sources.

Keebig Reviews

As expected, this website is not mentioned in reviewing platforms like Reddit or Quora. It is evident that customers could not trust this website and are yet to buy its products. Moreover, we could not find any reviews on the portal itself as it lacks the corresponding section. Therefore, please know the Easy and Simple methods of refund from PayPal to safeguard your hard-earned money.


The website seems suspicious per our research. However, we cannot state is legitimacy as it is new. Thus, please know how to Get money refund on credit card while browsing new platforms. Also, you may like to read about coats and their types.

Is Keebig Legit according to you? Please share your views in the comments section below.

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