Is Kinetic Kings Legit (June) Read Detailed Reviews!

Kinetic Kings Online Website Reviews
Is Kinetic Kings Legit? The site displays designer shorts and other garments for men. Read the content and find out its service & how reliable the store is.

This summer, slay the heat with vintage designer shorts. But those people who are in cold climates, you may ask why you buy shorts now? Well, to get an excellent deal. Therefore, who is planning to obtain new shorts-the time has come, but where to buy them? The shop Kinetic Kings offers different style’s shorts for men via their online platform.

The shop is pretty popular in Canada and Australia. However, Is Kinetic Kings Legit? You should determine it before obtaining the service.

Analyzing the Kinetic Kings legitimacy:

Although the site’s fame can be observed by browsing media, checking reliability should not be skipped. For the users, who browse this site for the first time, here we are going to give you the elaborate details on whether you should trust the shop or not. So, let’s begin our checking, and the points are-

  • Domain Age: It is around 2.5+ years as the date of enlistment is 19th September 2019.
  • Physical Location Check: The address with the company name is visible on search engines.
  • Remarks: Kinetic Kings Reviews available.
  • Payment Gateways: Multiple.
  • Missing Record: Missing records like the corporate number isn’t present.
  • Social Links: Major social platform links are obtainable at the bottom section of this site.
  • Operator Data: KineticKings is a corporate company handling all the business operations.
  • Trust Index: It is excellent; the rating is 76 out of 100.
  • Broken Links: Inaccessible.
  • Domain Name: The domain ID is
  • Skipped Pages: Presence of 9 pages.
  • Piracy Content: 34% piracy data and 62% common data.

As per the data, the shop can be categorized as an old one, and its trust index ratings are pretty good. Additionally, it has social links and remarks.

What is the Kinetic Kings shop?

Is Kinetic Kings Legit? The shop brings the latest collections of summer shorts for men in France. Along with it, here buyers find various trending shorts and other garments such as Fundamental Shorts, Active Shorts, Corduroy Shorts, Hoodies, Bomber Jacket, Nylon Active Shorts, and Sweatpants. The site’s design and the color are eye-soothing and sophisticated.

These garments are placed in their categories to help buyers find the requirements easily and seamlessly. The item web pages comprise details of the material elaborately, giving you the reason why you should buy it. Plus, several pictures are available with size charts, composition, shipping timing, etc.

Specifications (Following Kinetic Kings Reviews):

  • URL:
  • Reviews: Multiple reviews are available.
  • Located In: 5311-PACIFIC BLVD, HUNTINGTON PARK, CA-90255, United States.
  • Corporate Number: No number is there; therefore, buyers only have the emailing option.
  • Corporate Email ID:
  • Canceling Process: 
  • Shipping Policy: The domestic shipping minimum timing is 2 days, and the maximum timing is 5 days. International shipping’s minimum timing is 2 days, and the ultimate timing is 21 days.
  • Refund Policy: The refund is available only if you return the product.
  • Return Policy: 2 weeks for the return policy.
  • Is Kinetic Kings Legit: The answer is yes.
  • Charges Details: It is available during purchasing time.
  • Exchange Details: Available For wrong sized and defective garments. 
  • Payout System: Amex, G Pay, PayPal, Visa, Discover, Master Card, etc.


  • Various styles of vintage shorts are available for summer fashion.
  • The garments’ price is pretty low.
  • Payment processes are several.
  • Presence of ratings, reactions, and remarks on social media.
  • Active social connection.
  • The shop received excellent trust points.
  • Address data possesses its corporate company name.


  • Lack of reviews on the products.
  • Piracy content has been detected.
  • Skipped pages are visible.

Consumers’ opinion on ‘Is Kinetic Kings Legit’:

There are plenty of reviews on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, which reflects its legitimacy. Plus, several blogs and videos are present on social media stating that the site has a good brand name in the market.

However, the products on the site haven’t been reviewed and rated by consumers. So, in our opinion, the site should look into this. Also, read the procedure to get refunds on PayPal.

Final Verdict:

The shop is an old retailer, which possesses excellent trust points, remarks, and social connections; therefore, Is Kinetic Kings Legit? Yes, the shop is legit, but again verification is needed. Additionally, go through the procedure so that you can claim refunds on credit cards. Does this blog educate you about the site? Please place your opinion in the comment section.

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