Is Shineonv com Legit (March) Check Detailed Reviews

Shineonv com Online Website Reviews
Here you will learn in detail the features of a website having scandalous nature and will find out the genuine answers of Is Shineonv com Legit or not.

Are you worried about the versatility of your shopping list? Is not it tedious to visit different stores to fulfil all the requirements of your shopping list? Most importantly, such conventional shopping demands a lot of time, and most of us lack it.

So, online variety stores can be a great solution to address this problem. There are many such stores in the United States and the rest of the world. In this regard, Is Shineonv com Legit becomes an important question.

How Far Is the Website Reliable?

Learning about a Website’s legitimacy is crucial to understanding the level of security it offers. The following legitimacy checkpoints are very helpful in this endeavour to satisfy our quests.

  • Date of Registration: The website was born on 14-01-2022
  • Age of the Domain: The website is exactly 2 months old
  • Website’s Trust Score: Its trust index shows only a 2% trust score 
  • Clarity of Policies: Not at all clear
  • Who Is the Owner: The answer is not known
  • Address Authenticity: No address is provided
  • How to Contact: Email is the only way to contact the site
  • Customers’ Shineonv Reviews: Proper reviews are available nowhere
  • Alexa Rank: The website’s rank is 1,095,134
  • Amount of Plagiarism: The site shows a small amount of plagiarism
  • Transaction Modes: PayPal and card payments are accepted
  • Social Media: The website has no existence on social media

The sum of all the site’s feature indicates that it does not claim legitimacy.

About the Website is an online variety store that has a vast collection of numerous different products. The site describes itself as a specialist in-stock clearance. The weird fact is that there is contrary information about the company’s name.

As per the details of Is Shineonv com Legit, the site domain calls it shineonv, but two other names are shown on the website. The collection here includes hair styling products, barbeques, furniture, ice dispensers, coffee machines and many more. However, the website also offers a huge amount of discounts which is a little suspicious.

Specifications of the Site

  • Website’s Link Address: 
  • Address Details: No address is found on the site
  • Phone Number: The website does not give any phone number
  • Email Address: 
  • Office Hours: No information is available
  • International Orders: The site only delivers to some selected countries
  • Reviews: We could not find any Shineonv Reviews 
  • Shipping Policy: Not clearly stated
  • Shipping Charges: Though the website charges $5.99 for shipping, all the orders are available for free shipping due to the sale
  • Free Shipping: In general, time orders above $50 is available for free shipping
  • Return Period: Contrary information is found in this regard
  • Return Costs: Not mentioned
  • Refund Details: Not clear
  • Exchange Conditions: The website only offers exchange for defective
  • Order Cancellation: The cancellation policy is quite complicated
  • Payment Options: PayPal and Card payments are available
  • Presence on Social Media: The website does not own any official account on any social media platform

Are the Pros Enough to Answer Is Shineonv com Legit?

  • The website has a variety of items to showcase
  • A free shipping option is available

What About the Cons?

  • Contrary information is seen on the site
  • Policy details are not clearly stated
  • No review is available on the internet
  • Worldwide delivery is not available
  • No contact number is given

Customers’ Reaction about the Website

In addition to all the negative aspects, the website also lacks reviews. Though a few items on the official website show some comments from buyers, their look is enough to know that they are not genuine, and we cannot depend on them to answer Is Shineonv com Legit or not. Hence, knowing the Methods To Get Money Back On Credit Card will be helpful.

The website’s absence on social media makes it difficult to extract any comments from there as well about the home accessories and other items offered by the website.

Final Verdict

There is no point in trusting this website after knowing the facts. Every single detail gives only a negative answer to the question of its legitimacy. So, you should learn how to Get Your Money-Back From Scammers to protect Yourself. If you have any opinion regarding Is Shineonv com Legit or not, kindly share with us in the comments.

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