Is the Paradigm Legit {June 2022} Check The Reviews!

the Paradigm Online Website Reviews

This article will let the readers protect themselves from potential scams and will let them know, Is the Paradigm Legit.

Are you looking for an online store carrying your pet and home products in the combine? Do you know that an online store sells these products in such combinations? People from the United States and Canada are surfing this store.

The paradigm store is all a pet lover, and a home essentials freaks could get as a lifesaver. But people are keen to know Is the Paradigm Legit? Let’s see for an answer!

Is The Paradigm Store Tried and Tested or not?

  • Developed on- 25/04/2019(Nearly 3 years)
  • Ceasing on- 25/04/2023 (Nearly a year left)
  • Owner Identification- Hidden and private with WHOIS.
  • Trust Score- It got 77 out of 100 on a scale of Trust mark.
  • Trust Index- 80% has been scored on the index, which is above average.
  • The proximity of pessimistic websites- Received 7 out of 100 on the scale, which is a good rate.
  • Domain blocklist rate- Any denylist search engine has not detected it.
  • The Paradigm Store Reviews– Absence of reviews on official and trusted websites.
  • Social media appearance- Absence on every social media. 
  • Secure side- Safe and secure HTTPS connection found.
  • Contact elements- Searchable and mapped by the site properly.
  • Website popularity rate- The website is not very famous and has a poor popularity rate.
  • Technical computation- This website has a legal SSL certificate.
  • Alexa Rank- It has a low Alexa rank and is less visited by surfers.
  • Threat profile- Scored 0 on a scale of 100 for the threat profile, which is a great score.
  • Is the Paradigm Legit? Maybe yes, as the domain is old, and no major threat scoring has been found against the website yet.

All The paradigm store has-

The paradigm store has a range of dog products, cat products, Gadgets, Home Decor, and kitchen products. It is a center for home decor. One can find a range of pet food for different pets, especially according to the breed. 

On the other hand, many products we rarely see online, like portable fans, etc. This website has miniature decors of woods and metals. Also, one can invest in a drone here as well. Heavy discounts can be seen underneath the products. No ratings can be found.

Is the Paradigm Legit?- Specifications- 

  • Website address-
  • Email address – A section has been provided for support and help. No email address found.
  • Contact number – +1.4806242599
  • Address – 123 Fake St. Toronto, Canada
  • Product Cost- In USD $
  • Return and Refund system- One can make returns within 30 days. A refund will get initiated within 7 days of receiving the product. 
  • Contribution methods- PayPal, Discover, plugin, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express
  • Exporting policy- Free shipping for all countries. 13-14 days for the arrival of products.
  • Currency Conversion- USD, INR, GBP, CAD, AUD, EUR, and JPY.

Is the Paradigm Legit? The whole analysis indicates it as a yes somehow. 

Pros of this website- 

  • Secure gateways of payment found that will initiate the amount back.
  • The domain is quite old, meaning it has an authentic surfing history.
  • This website is safe according to the DNA filter check.
  • They have many authentic delivery partners. 
  • Different currency rates can be seen.

Cons of this website-

  • Hidden owner identity through the paid services on WHOIS.
  • Poor popularity rate.
  • Some scam products can be seen being sold by them.
  • Absence of reviews on official and other trusted websites.

The Paradigm Store Reviews-

Unfortunately, we cannot find a single review on any trusted or official websites. The only source of trusting or checking the sites’ products is buying them wisely and checking their reliability. Some of the products can be seen sold and bought on other trusted websites like home decor, kitchen appliances, etc.

Some of the youtube videos contain short videos for some products that can help you check the legitimacy of the website and its products. Also, click here to protect yourself from PayPal scams.


Is the Paradigm Legit? We can suggest it to you somehow, but a wise purchase through online mode is always appreciable and can save you from a potential scam. Some electronic products need to be purchased very cautiously as they can invade your and others’ privacy, such as drones, etc.

Preserving purchase proofs is also appreciable as it can save you from scammers. Please go through the policies. Also, click here to protect yourself from Credit Card cheating. 

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