Is Zherger Legit (Mar 2022) Check Detailed Reviews Here!

Zherger Online Website Reviews

Is Zherger Legit? The store displays captivating product collections that are available with mega discounts. But is it reliable? Please read to know that.

Buying electronic gadgets or essentials via online medium is a bit concerning, as there is no chance you can judge the product by yourself. Instead, you have to rely on the product description given by the website. So, choosing a reliable website that sells products at a sensible price range is tough.

Today, we are exploring the site Zherger, which has caught netizens’ attention in the United States for selling huge electronic product collections at a good price range. But, Is Zherger Legit?

Let’s find out-

Investigation on the Zherger shop’s legitimacy:

As previously specified, a website needs to be trustworthy and safe for the users besides featuring product collections and price range. So, in this case, you can grab unbiased information about its trustworthiness below.

  • Domain Trust-Score: The score, which is visible on the result page, is 1 percent.
  • Location Legality: The detail is legal; it displays some residential places.
  • Domain ID: The raw technical data displays the ID-
  • Web Shop’s Age: The age is over six months but not more than 1 year. The establishment occurred on 21st July 2021.
  • Reviews: No Zherger Reviews are visible.
  • Plagiarism: 35% common data and 29% piracy content.
  • Skipped Page: Only 1 page is identified.
  • Operator Information: is the owner.
  • Payment Details: Single-mode.
  • Broken Links: Unidentified.
  • Social Profile: No information has been fetched.
  • Missing Information: Exchange details.

Checking the data above, you can get a clear picture that the site has terrible authority after being served for more than 6 months. But, it’s not all we checked; we found more information which is written below.

What is the Zherger shop?

It’s an e-commerce shopping store, retailing electronic products at a good rate. But, Is Zherger Legit? Checking the store’s web portal thoroughly, we noticed that it displays a pretty vast catalog of the product. The entire catalog is differentiated into 9 full tabs, and those are- Projector, Printer, Essential Series, Electronics, Coffee Maker, TV, LG, Yeti Series, and Accessories’ along with the ‘Home Page’ tab.

Each category has multiple product collections, which are being sold at a discounted price. The site is providing a mega discount on every item, where for example, you can purchase a coffee maker for 98.99$ (actual price- 299.00$). The commodities also possess a thorough description with several photos.


  • User’s Comments: Absence of Zherger Reviews.
  • Store’s Link:
  • Address: 15-Swimming Pool Rd., Collinsville, Connecticut-06019, United States.
  • Email ID:
  • Contact Number: +1 (681) 238-2365
  • Shipping System Details: Absence of specific shipping policy tab. Buy, buyer, get the time frame during checking-out.
  • Charges Notification: The notification is available when you make a purchase.
  • Return Process: The process can be acquired within 30 days.
  • Canceling Process: 24 hours is given for shoppers.
  • Refund: The refund can be full or partial, and it takes a duration of around 7 to 10 days.
  • Payment Modes: Paypal.
  • Is Zherger Legit: its authority is terrible.
  • Product Exchange Process: Available, but we found no pertinent details.

Pros of accessing the shop:

  • Visitors see a large number of product catalogs with lots of categories.
  • The store keeps itself secured with an HTTPS version.
  • Mega discount on every product.

Cons of accessing the shop:

  • The trust-index is not at all worthy; it’s too poor.
  • Reviews and social profiles are lacking.
  • The discounted rate is quite suspicious.
  • Skipped page is present.
  • Exchange facility details are not clear.
  • Only single payment mode.

Consumer’s concern about ‘Is Zherger Legit’:

When it comes to judging a site’s authority and reliability, consumers’ opinions help a lot. However, we did not detect any review on the site in this case. Moreover, the authorized company did not give any writing tab to state the reviews.

Again, there is no trace of this site on an external search engine as it seems like the authority did not promote the shop. Plus, the shop lacks social profiles, which is also a confusing fact. So, using popular and safe websites is better to purchase electronic appliances and gadgets. Also, know how you can claim the wrong money deduct on PayPal.

Final Verdict:

Is Zherger Legit? The shop does not act as a legit one due to having no promotion on social media, zero reviews, terrible trust score, unbelievable discount rate, etc. So, it’s clear that the shop is not reliable. Additionally, get some knowledge on how to receive money back on credit cards. Is the information write-up helpful? Please mention below.

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