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Zonofte Online Website Reviews

This article is an ultimate guideline for the readers for the question, Is Zonofte Legit. It will help them to protect themselves from a foul purchases.

Do you love to collect speakers for better sounds? Are you looking for a personalized home theatre? Then you may have come across this United Statesbased website.

This site provides designer speakers and personalized theatres at a very attractive price range. But people are finding an answer that Is Zonofte Legit? Hence, scroll down to get the answer to this question.

Is Zonofte Genuine Or Not?

  • Creation date- 19/04/2022 (too young)
  • Expiry date- 19/04/2023 (short period left)
  • Owner Details- It is partially identified with WHOIS.
  • Trust Index- It scored 14.2% on the index algorithm, which is poor.
  • Trust score- It has scored 37 out of 100 on the scale of scores which is very poor.
  • Website’s blocklist status- Any of the blocklist engines has not detected it.
  • Phishing score- It scored 70 out, which is the high score for spam.
  • Zonofte reviews No reviews are available on any trusted or official site.
  • Security- HTTPS safe connection detected.
  • Social media handles- Present on Facebook with an inactive status.
  • Contact details- Present on the official website but not searchable on google maps.
  • Threat profile rate- It scored 70 out of 100, a suspicious score.
  • Proximity to the suspicious website- It scored 27 out of 100 on the scale, which indicates a potential threat.
  • Website Popularity- It has a 0 (zero) in the popularity rate, which is not a good sign.

After a detailed legitimacy analysis, it has been clear that Is Zonofte Legit is a NO. 

About The Website- Zonofte.Com

According to the given data on the website, they claim to make a new and advanced designer speaker and home theatre set on-demand and for selling purposes. 

They state that they are developing old designs and patterns to give them a special and new look for modern house needs and designs.

You can find a range of wireless speakers on the website at a very low price, but this website’s cost and manufacturing are from two different countries- the US and Vietnam.

Is Zonofte legit? – Specific details-

  • Website’s name-
  • Contact number- +1(209)237-0450
  • Email ID-
  • Address- 50 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101, United States
  • Cost price- It is in US Dollars
  • Return and refund policy- one can initiate a return within 30 days. Refunds will only be initiated if 
  • Payment methods- Amex, ApplePay, JCB, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA.
  • Shipping Policy- They are mailing the products with extra charges of $5.00/ package.
  • Privacy policy- They collect personal data for source sharing. They are using Shopify to promote these policies.
  • Tracking- The option is available on the official website.

This analysis answers the query negatively of, Is Zonofte legit.

Pros of the website-

  • Safe payment methods allow money back easily.
  • Valid SSL certificate.
  • It has a DNS filter, which marks the site safe for browsing.

Cons of the website –

  • The identity of the owner is hidden with WHOIS.
  • Low Alexa ranking and lowest popularity rate.
  • A Too young domain.
  • The website has sold scam website materials.
  • The Trust score is too low.
  • Unable to find site reviews and ratings on trusted websites and official websites.
  • Inactive social media account.
  • Low-rated websites can be seen on the website.
  • Absence of review section.

Zonofte Reviews

We were unable to find any reviews on their official website. Moreover, there are no reviews on other trusted websites for reference.

There are no ratings available under the products to help customers buy or suggest a purchase. Many scam websites’ products can be seen selling on this website.

There is no option available to rate a product or add or edit a review in any panel present on the website. It raises a question of legitimacy. We do not recommend a purchase from the site.

Further, click here to know how to avoid scams of PayPal.

Conclusion –

We can say “NO” for the question: Is Zonofte Legit? Because the website seems illegitimate, and scam detection can be seen very clearly in its scoring and absence of reviews. This website has potential threats, but it has a poor popularity rating even after its release. 

Some of the products are copies of other brand products, which is also suspicious because one cannot copy a registered brand product without any permission given. If you wish to buy the same products, click here to make a purchase. Moreover, click here to protect yourself from debit and credit card scams.

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