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The article, Motivation Write for Us, outlines the Hastebc website details along with the guidelines to be followed for writing guest posts.

Is your life moving around inspiring other people? Building confidence is reasonable, but making others feel confident is a fantastic service to the human community. 

Nowadays, people are getting depressed and anxious over many things, so if you are the perfect person who can lift someone’s mood, then you can share your fantastic work on our platform. Still, you need to follow these guidelines for Motivation Write for Us

An Introduction To Our Website:

Our Hastebc website is one of the trending news portals on the internet. We offer quality content for our respectable readers. We provide high-quality content in the following genres:

  • Latest news and analysis
  • Health information
  • Games and their tips
  • Reviews of the website and products
  • Education, and cutting-edge technology etc 

Apart from these topics, we have dedicated ourselves to inspiring our readers daily. So, our platform allows guest post contributors to present their skills to our community. Our community includes reputed writers, professional authors, scholars, motivators, from global readers to high schoolers.

Skills Needed For Write For Us Motivation Guest Post:

Our Hastebc team respects all the writers’ time and energy, and the writers can expect good recognition from us. At the same time, we also have some expectations from the guest post authors. They ar:e

  • Motivation is not linked to any graduation course. But, some psychology and human science graduates may be able to contribute more technically. But we expect them to convey the root cause of the human issues, stress prevention techniques, and some inspirational techniques.
  • Person with any qualification can make their attempt, provided that it inspires the lives of our readers.
  • We provide examples of the Write For Us + Motivation topic that should be chosen around the genre “motivation.” They are self-love, inspirational stories, motivation for professional growth, inspirational personal growth tips, power boosters to build confidence, motivation tips for the younger generation, recommendations of books, audio, etc.
  • We are not expecting a technical blog post so that it can be like a conversation.
  • Each blog should bring out the best version of our readers by quoting real-time examples, personality quotes, etc.
  • A person can also share their success journey in an inspirational way.
  • The topics should stick to reality because we need inspiration for our real world, not fantasy lives.

SEO Guidelines:

Motivation “Write For Us” articles should adhere to the below-mentioned rules. It helps the blog post to reach many people.

  • The blog post shouldn’t contain any false assumptions or irrelevant information and should be practically viable.
  • Maintain the word limit from 800 to 1000 and avoid making grammar errors.
  • We are strictly against copied content, so each post should be plagiarism free.
  • Writers should maintain a good readability score and present articles with neat indents and subheadings.

Why Our platform?

Guest post contributors can avail some benefits while contributing to our platform. They are:

  • .With a diversified reader base, Write For Us + “Motivation” authors can get an opportunity to level their careers.
  • Our community is also active on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. So, we share our best articles on social media platforms, which attracts many new global readers so that guest posts can get good web traffic.
  • Since all our blogs are SEO-friendly, it also adds extra credit to the guest author’s work.

Submission Of The Guest Posts:

We request guest post contributors to adhere to the guidelines strictly and proofread their articles before submitting them to our platform. Please make sure everything is proper and send it to our platform. Write a Motivation Write for Us verified article and send it to mail address: Our team will respond as soon as possible.

The writers can also share a small bio along with their work. And writers should send their articles from the approachable mail ID because we will send the selection updates to the recipient mail ID. And authors are not allowed to repost their selected articles on different forums. It is a violation of our terms and conditions.


Once the articles are selected for publishing on our Hastebc website, we have the authority to edit, modify, or delete some information in those articles according to our rules and customer needs. 

So the Motivation Write for Us blog authors should acknowledge and agree to this condition. Write and inspire our readers! Visit here to know more about Motivation. Was this article helpful? Share your comments in the comment section.


The article, Motivation Write for Us, outlines the Hastebc website details along with the guidelines to be followed for writing guest posts.

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